New York-based Icelandic Provisions says it launched “oatmilk” skyr. The first of its kind, this nondairy skyr is creamy, delicious and nourishing, like the brand’s traditional skyr — an essential provision that sustained the Vikings for centuries.

Made with “oatmilk” from naturally irrigated oats grown in the Nordic region, Icelandic Provisions “oatmilk” skyr is available nationally in six flavors at Whole Foods Market stores, with additional availability to follow. Developed in partnership with MS Iceland Dairies, Iceland’s oldest cooperative of family-run dairy farms, the “oatmilk” skyr is made with 1,000-year-old traditional skyr-making methods and heirloom Icelandic cultures — cultivated to grow in a nondairy environment for the first time, Icelandic Provisions says.

“Icelandic skyr is not something you can easily innovate. The history and heritage of skyr-making goes back centuries,” says John Heath, chief of innovation. “We took a chance with ‘oatmilk’ skyr, using methods reserved for traditional dairy skyr. We are so proud of the finished product because there’s truly nothing like it in the nondairy world.”

Made with real, simple ingredients, each cup of Icelandic Provisions “oatmilk” skyr is made from four cups of oat milk (whereas other nondairy yogurts use just two or three cups), producing skyr with 10 grams of protein that is lower in sugar than other dairy alternatives. Featuring no artificial ingredients, preservatives, starches or gums, Icelandic Provisions “oatmilk” skyr is a clean-label, plant-based dairy alternative consumers can feel good about, the company says.

Icelandic Provisions says the “oatmilk” skyr is currently available in six flavors: Plain (in 17.6-ounce containers), Vanilla Bean (in 17.6-ounce and 5-ounce containers), Mango Passionfruit (in 5-ounce containers), Raspberry (in 5-ounce containers), Mixed Berry (in 5-ounce containers) and Cold Brew Coffee (in 5-ounce containers). The Cold Brew Coffee variety is made in partnership with Te & Kaffi —a family-run Icelandic coffee roaster.