New York-based Icelandic Provisions is launching a new line of skyr called Krímí. The whole-milk offering comes in four flavors: Vanilla Bean, Strawberry-Rhubarb, Mixed Berry and Chocolate Coconut. Icelandic Provisions said the name Krímí is a playful nod to the way an Icelander might spell the English word “creamy.”

Krímí combines whole milk with 7% milk fat with heirloom skyr cultures and natural ingredients to create a healthy and delicious snack or meal alternative, Icelandic Provisions said. The four new flavor profiles are built to give consumers the satisfaction of indulging in a delicious cup without the feeling of guilt that sometimes come with it.

“As consumers look to add higher-quality fats and food made from real ingredients into their diet, Icelandic Provisions’ new Krímí range will deliver a uniquely delicious experience,” said Mark Alexander, the new CEO of Icelandic Provisions. “We’re bringing a fresh approach to the whole milk segment, which is currently dominated by either purely functional products that don’t taste great or products that are loaded with added sugar. While Krímí is certainly indulgent, it is ideal for the growing communities of people looking for a holistic approach to healthy eating.”

Similar in health benefits to Icelandic Provisions traditional skyr, Krímí boasts 11 grams of protein per 4.4-ounce cup and is lower in sugar while still being flavorful and creamy. None of the products contain artificial preservatives, thickeners, sweeteners, flavors or colors.

Icelandic Provisions can be found in the refrigerated section of more than 6,600 retail partners nationwide, having doubled in distribution and sales in 2018 versus the previous year while achieving velocities that rank it among the top 10 brands in the yogurt category, the company said.

Krímí debuted at the 2019 Natural Products Expo West tradeshow in March and will be available for purchase on select U.S. retailer’s shelves in July 2019.