Venae Watts

Episode two of the “Let’s Talk Dairy” podcast features Venae Watts, who is the fifth-generation co-owner of Minerva Dairy (along with her brother, Adam Mueller). The Minerva, Ohio-based company, the oldest family-operated creamery in the nation, produces premium (85% butterfat) hand-rolled butter. Watts discusses some of the factors behind the strong recent growth in the butter category — particularly on the premium side. She also talks about an exciting new butter offering from her company.

In this episode, Watts elaborates on:

  • The factors behind premium butter’s strong recent growth.
  • How butter processors and marketers could keep the momentum going.
  • The “secrets” behind Minerva Dairy’s longevity.
  • The newest retail product to be released under the Minerva Dairy brand.
  • Where the company finds inspiration for its flavored butter lineup.


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