Siggi’s said it launched a palate-training kit to help consumers readjust their palates. The kit, which retails for $30.00, is designed to guide consumers through the process of resetting their palates, which the New York-based company said can lead to healthier choices and habits.

The kit includes 30 days’ worth of Siggi’s yogurt in a variety of flavors, a spoon, an eye mask, a timer, and a journal and a pen to record the experience of using the kit. The eye mask and timer are meant to make eating a more mindful experience that uses all senses. Siggi’s advises taking a few bites with an eye mask on or chewing for 15 seconds — it helps one savor the taste even more.

Siggi’s said it believes in using real fruit that one can actually taste. Its products have 50% less sugar than the leading Greek yogurts. By resetting their palates, consumers’ taste buds will become accustomed to and learn to enjoy whole foods with simple ingredients, which can translate to a healthier lifestyle, the company said.