After nearly 4,000 votes were cast for the 2020 Dairy Foods plant of the year, Baker Cheese Inc. came out on top. The plant of the St. Cloud, Wis.-based maker of string cheese was featured in the March 2020 issue of Dairy Foods magazine.

The 104-year-old Baker Cheese is one of only a handful of string cheese producers in the United States. Its plant makes low moisture/park skim mozzarella string cheese for its Baker brand, as well as on behalf of its many private label customers.

Because of increasing demand for its products, Baker Cheese completed six plant expansions since 1985. In 2019, the company added another line to allow it to produce conventional and organic string cheese products at the same time.

The Baker Cheese plant will be honored in the August issue of Dairy Foods. To learn more about the company’s plant operations, visit