Commentary from Brian Baker, CEO of Baker Cheese Inc.

On behalf of the entire Baker Cheese team, we are honored to be voted the Dairy Foods 2020 “Plant of the Year.” Our plant’s success is directly impacted by the incredible dedication and talents of our 250-plus employees and the quality of milk we receive from our local farms. These two critical components allow us to partner with an amazing list of customers that value our award-winning and world-class string cheese.

Since our humble beginnings in 1916, every generation of our family-owned and -operated business has focused on each day’s cheese manufacturing needs in order to create outstanding products. The goals of the future are typically rooted in the successes of each production day. Our company motto of “Every Stick Matters” drives this laser focus in making sure each piece of string cheese we manufacture will ultimately make consumers thrilled with their string cheese choice. 

Our committed team prides itself on the ability to manufacture and package over 3 million sticks each day for customer brands across the United States and multiple countries. Our customers have grown accustomed to our high level of service. We have a commitment that each customer’s order will be produced fresh for that order only and with a very short lead-time to ensure the freshest product and longest shelf life available for the consumer.

Over the past 35 years, Baker Cheese has made multiple large-scale investments for additional manufacturing capacity, new operational equipment and improved employee service spaces to allow for the tremendous growth in demand for our string cheese. We believe strongly in our staff and string cheese products, and we are committed to reinvesting in our people and plant operations.

Baker Cheese is honored to be your 2020 Plant of the Year!

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