Kaivac Inc. said its disinfectant, KaiBosh, has been deemed effective against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of coronavirus, by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The concentrated disinfectant cleaner is engineered to be used with Kaivac’s No-Touch Cleaning (spray-and-vac) systems, as well as with spray bottles, pump-up sprayers. The disinfectant also works with Kaivac’s Trolley-Bucket and Dispense-and-Vac systems, both used for floor cleaning and other cleaning tasks.




Spraying System’s Co. said its Klarion on-site generation system produces cleaners and sanitizers on-site and on demand. These products are just as effective as conventional chemicals. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for cleaning and sanitizing products has increased exponentially and has stressed the supply chain. The Klarion system mitigates the risk associated with supply-chain disruption and enables manufacturers to produce solutions as needed right in the plant. The Klarion sanitizer has demonstrated efficacy against the human coronavirus and other viruses more resilient to disinfection. Klarion is also safer for workers, as solutions are produced in ready-to-use concentrations, eliminating the need for dangerous chemical dilution.




Sprague Pest Solutions said it now offers critical disinfection services to commercial clients in the seven western states it services to help combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The disinfection services can be performed in a wide range of commercial venues, including warehouses, distribution facilities and food processing facilities. The services, which will complement and add to the “stacking effect” of a facility’s existing pest management, food safety and cleaning and sanitation programs, will contribute to protecting clients’ facilities, employees and the public from harmful viruses, including human coronaviruses, bacteria and mold.




Larson Electronics said its handheld ultraviolet (UV) sanitation lights are faster, safer and more thorough in eliminating harmful viruses (including the coronavirus) and bacteria than traditional cleaning or sanitizing methods. Larson Electronics offers IND-HL-UVC-FL1524-50, a 27-inch UV sanitation light that features no-contact disinfection. This unit is equipped with a hook for hands-free mounting. The company also offers IND-HL-UVC-FL26-50, which is a smaller version of the FL1524-50. It is recommended for applications requiring a compact UV disinfection light. The company’s third offering is IND-RL-UVC-13W, which is a cordless, battery-powered UV disinfection handlamp with rechargeable features, designed for sanitizing remote areas without access to reliable power.




Sterilex, a provider of disinfectant products suitable for use in food manufacturing, expanded its protocol designed to safeguard workers for essential businesses within the food supply chain. Sterilex products used in food production areas are now on the EPA’s list of disinfectants for use against the coronavirus. The company said it has developed additional disinfection protocols for control of viruses in nonproduction areas as another layer of protection to help safeguard essential workers and to reduce cross-contamination between treated surfaces. Expanded virucidal disinfection in breakrooms, locker rooms and offices can be accomplished by either mopping, wiping or spraying surfaces with a mixture of Sterilex Ultra Disinfectant Cleaner and Activator Solution. Non-food contact surfaces do not need rinsing.