Cincinnati-based ProMach said it expanded its can and bottle handle solutions portfolio by acquiring Grip-Pak, a turnkey provider of multipack handle solutions for beverage companies packaging their products in cans or bottles, as well as for retailers and wholesale distributors looking to promote or repack their SKUs.

Grip-Pak, Lake Forest, Ill., is an established source of beverage packing supplies and promotional products. Grip-Pak has been manufacturing packaging materials for more than 40 years. It offers 100% recyclable, photodegradable and FDA-compliant low-density polyethylene (LDPE) ring carriers made in the United States with post-industrial recycled content. These soft ring carriers can be used to either package or repack canned and bottled beverages into two-, four-, six- and eight-pack configurations, ProMach said.

“With the addition of Grip-Pak’s LDPE handle solutions, we now have without a doubt the broadest portfolio of handle solutions in the marketplace — all available from a single source — to help companies of all types grow their business,” said Doug Stambaugh, president of ProMach’s Global Filler & Integrated Solutions Business Unit.

Dennis Kuta, president of Grip-Pak, will join ProMach as director of business development for can handles.

“Grip-Pak and Roberts PolyPro have a history of collaborating together, and we’re excited to join the ProMach family and take our vast portfolio of handle solutions out to the entire marketplace,” said Kuta. “Customers will have a wide variety of options when looking to multipack their products, and we can help companies not only get started, but [also grow] as their product ramps up and gains traction in the marketplace.”