Minneapolis-based Live Real Farms, a brand of Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), Kansas City, Kan., introduced Dairy Plus Milk Blends — a line of blended beverage options that combine lactose-free dairy with almonds or oats. The line comes in response to consumers’ demand for more variety in their milk choices. In fact, 42% of consumers purchase both dairy milk and plant-based alternatives, Live Real Farms said.

"We absolutely understand that consumer tastes are always changing and that many people are enjoying the benefits of both dairy milk and plant-based alternatives," said Rachel Kyllo, senior vice president of growth and innovation, Live Real Farms. "We recognized an opportunity in the value-added milk category's growth areas — products like lactose-free and flavored milk — and created an option that offers the protein-packed goodness of pure dairy milk with the flavors and versatility of alternatives in one great-tasting beverage."

According to Live Real Farms, Dairy Plus Milk Blends can be enjoyed just as traditional milk or plant-based alternatives would be — in a cold glass on their own, in coffee, in a smoothie or on top of cereal. There are five varieties to meet a wide range of tastes: Dairy Plus Almond — Original, Dairy Plus Almond — Unsweetened Vanilla, Dairy Plus Almond — Sweetened Vanilla, Dairy Plus Almond — Chocolate and Dairy Plus Oat — Original.

"Dairy farmers like myself take great pride in delivering a quality product. This innovation allows consumers to enjoy the wholesome goodness of dairy in a new way," said Charles Krause, a dairy farmer and one of the farmer-owners behind Live Real Farms.

Dairy Plus Milk Blends are available at supermarkets in Minnesota at a cost of $3.99 to $4.69 for a half-gallon, and will begin to expand nationally in early 2020, Live Real Farms said.