Clover Sonoma launched a line of culinary butter. The company said the seasoned spreadable butter adds something special to almost any dish and comes in three flavors: Garlic & Herb, Lemon Garlic & Herb and Cinnamon & Brown Sugar.

The culinary butter is slow-churned in small batches and infused with the highest-quality spices and flavors. It pairs perfectly with pastries, pastas, veggies and meats, and opens the door to endless opportunities for culinary creativity, Clover Sonoma said.

“Clover Sonoma’s priority has been focused on producing quality, nutritious dairy products that meet our Clover Sonoma Promise of Excellence and cannot be replaced by plant-based alternatives,” said Clover Sonoma chairman & CEO Marcus Benedetti. “The 2019 product lineup, featuring new and expanded SKUs, doesn’t just deliver on that priority, it further cements Clover Sonoma as a company that consistently rises to, and surpasses, the standards of quality and sustainability in the dairy industry.”

According to the company, each spreadable 3.5-ounce tub has a suggested retail price of $3.99 and is available for purchase at independent Northern California grocery stores, including Mollie Stone’s, Nugget Markets, Lunardi’s, Draeger’s, Oliver’s and more.