Relco LLC, Wilmar, Minn., and Bioscan LTD, Willand, England, are partnering to globally promote non-dye inspections and repairs for the food and beverage industry. Their focus is largely on spray dryers; however, the services offered will also cover cyclones, bag filters, fluid beds, silos, process tanks, cheese vats, finishing tables and ducting. With the food and beverage market focusing more on non-dye inspection and repair services, the partnership of Relco LLC and Bioscan will ensure clients’ requirements meet industry standards and audits, Relco said.

With Bioscan’s expertise in inspections and Relco’s knowledge of repair and fabrication, food and beverage manufacturers will receive the most professional and reliable non-dye inspections and repairs service currently available, Relco said. By jointly offering the latest non-dye inspection technology, which is able to electronically detect defects, food and beverage manufacturers will now be able to safely and accurately receive inspection and repair services without the necessity to introduce dyes or chemicals into their production zones.

Combining the technology with the unique gantry access system for spray dryers also safely eliminates the requirement for scaffolding. According to Relco, processors will now be able to significantly reduce the amount of shutdown time required for inspection and repair services and increase overall productivity.