PTI, a Holland, Ohio-based packaging company, formed a “concept to commercialization” partnership with Hanley Inc., a Cincinnati-based packaging microfactory. The collaboration will help brand owners launch new or redesigned packages faster and with backing from prototyping/testing to facilitate marketplace success, the companies said.

“The challenge most brand owners face is that they have to outsource different parts of the commercialization process to various companies, compromising the speed to market, as well as development and communication,” said Craig Robinson, global vice president of business development and innovation, PTI. “The partnership between PTI and Haney, Inc. changes all of that.”

According to the companies, the goal is to simplify the process for brand owners by seamlessly producing commercial-ready, smaller-scale quantities that can be used to validate the package via focus groups and/or test markets. Start-up commercial runs are also possible to support launch initiatives. 

Brand owners can take advantage of PTI’s arsenal of packaging engineers and materials experts, coupled with its injection and blow molding capability. Haney can take that bottle (flexible package, tube, thermoform, etc.), print substrates (labels, folding cartons, etc.) and fill and fulfill test market quantities.

“The combined capabilities span the entire packaging development process. The goal is to deliver speed, efficiency, focus, agility and validation providing brand owners with an expert source for end-to-end packaging solutions,” said Dan Haney, cofounder and president, Haney.