Muuna, New York, pranked its customers on April Fools’ Day with a fake flavor: Muuna Cannabis cottage cheese. The limited-edition Cannabis variety was said to feature the company’s uniquely creamy melt-in-your-mouth Lowfat Plain cottage cheese as a base with a sprinkle of food-grade cannabis on the bottom, creating an element of carefree relaxation while delivering a delightfully earthy taste.

The company also said the product has 20 grams of protein and only 4 grams of carbohydrates and will leave customers relaxed while keeping the munchies at bay.

Muuna marketed its fake flavor on its website, as well as on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. In its prank, Muuna said the product builds on its reputation for pioneering adventurous flavors and staying ahead of trends, including its introduction in fall 2018 of a limited-edition seasonal Pumpkin & Spice cottage cheese.

“We are always looking to tap into trends in the food industry, like with our launch of Pumpkin & Spice Muuna last fall,” said Gerard Meyer, CEO of Muuna . “With both plant-based dairy and CBD oil trending right now, we brought the two together in a Cannabis cottage cheese made with milk from “grass”-fed cows.  We believed it would catch consumers’ attention while keeping it believable, which makes for the perfect April Fools’ combination.”