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Oystar M-F 14 Cup Packaging LineOystar USA, Edison, NJ, whose parent company, Oystar Group, develops, manufactures and sells both complete packaging lines and individual machines for the dairy, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals industries – offers the new Oystar Erca M-F 14 Cup Packaging Line for the form, fill and seal of food products including yogurts, puddings, juices and water. The machine meets all 3-A Sanitary Standards which promotes food safety and public health. The cost-effective machine forms and fills cups of various shapes and sizes at a maximum forming depth of 70mm, and at a maximum output of 21,600 cups per hour.

Among the machine’s many distinctions is its striking compactness: the M-F 14 occupies up to 70% less floor space than comparable equipment. The machine also provides easy accessibility and an operator-friendly working height of 1050mm (41.33 inches). Electro-pneumatic cabinets and filler are integrated into the base, and a simplified Human/Machine Interface contains only stop and start prompts. The M-F 14 uses a standard Programmable Logic Controller.

Several optional upgrades to the standard M-F 14 Cup Packaging Line also are available, including:

  • Servo drive for conical cup labeling
  • Piston filler with servo drive
  • Lid stretching
  • Pick & place packer
  • Oystar 10-inch touch screen
  • Ionization bar with dust removal
  • Recovery tank with return pump

“The M-F 14 is considerate of both floor space and ease of operation, and efficiently packages a wide range of cups for food industry customers,” said John W. Panaseny, president of Oystar USA. “The machine opens up a variety of options without occupying an abundance of valuable production line real estate.”

About Oystar Group
A global company with 10 manufacturing plants and several sales and service companies worldwide, OYSTAR develops, manufactures and sells both complete packaging lines and individual machines for the dairy, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals industries.

Oystar is comprised of well known, long-established brands such as Oystar Hassia, Oystar IWK, Oystar Benhil, Oystar Gasti, Oystar Hamba, Oystar Erca and Oystar A+F. The company’s product portfolio covers virtually every area of application for packaging machines, including:

  • Tube filling units and cartoning machines for the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry
  • Filling and sealing machines (FS) for preformed cups and bottles, and forming, filling and sealing machines (FFS) for packaging pasty products in the dairy segment
  • Foodstuffs sector packaging machinery such as vertical form, fill and seal machines for bags (with the corresponding dosing systems) as well as FS and FFS machines for packaging single portions of coffee, honey, jam, etc.
  • Final packaging in trays for point of sale.

At present the Oystar Group employs a workforce of approximately 1,400 worldwide and generated a total of approximately EUR 250 million in sales in 2012.

OYSTAR’s main office in the United States (Oystar USA) is located in Edison, NJ. For more information, call (732) 343-7600 or visit

SOURCE: Oystar Group