Aseptic PET packaging

Aseptic Combi Predis from Sidel merges dry preform sterilization with aseptic blowing, filling and sealing functions in a single production enclosure. The company recently earned approval from FDA, making the blow-fill-seal filler the first and only aseptic PET filling equipment with dry preform sterilization validated for low-acid manufacturing and commercial distribution in the U.S. market. Sidel’s aseptic PET can be used for many products and notably for liquid dairy products.

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Horizontal flow wrapping machine

LoeschPack offers its FCB high-performance flow wrapping machine. This modular packaging system from the company’s F series has an efficient feeding system and can package up to 1,500 products per minute in flow packs, depending on the application. The F series is also highly flexible. Changeover between different formats can be carried out virtually without tools in a short time. The units feature a compact modular design and use intelligent process engineering for the seal modules, resulting in fewer rejects when stopping and starting the machine.

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Gentle packaging for heat-sensitive products

The Flowmodul flow-wrapping component from Schubert features a patented heat-sealing technology that enables heat-sensitive products to be packaged more gently than in the past — and in flow-wrap bags. The company is now able to offer an even more extensive selection of possible sealing technologies, enabling customers to choose the most suitable processes for their products. The latest model of the Flowmodul is equipped with quickly adjusted heat-sealing technology, and achieves an output of 250 products or 125 flow-wrap bags per minute.



All-in-one weight measurement and label inspection

The CV35 Checkweigher and Label Inspection System from Mettler Toledo offers weight measurement and high-performance label inspection in one compact machine, helping manufacturers and packagers ensure accurate product weight and comply with labeling guidelines, as well as weights and measures legislation, while minimizing product rework, retrieval and recovery. The CV35 can handle large package sizes, big inspection target areas and multiple product inspections in its compact footprint. It features an easy-to-clean open construction.



Solutions for entire tea production process

GEA is targeting beverage producers as they expand their range of freshly brewed, ready-to-drink tea. The company now offers solutions for the complete tea production process, whether in testing or design, construction, installation and service of 24/7 turnkey plants, processing lines or modular technologies. The company’s tea process and product development center in Ahaus, Germany, showcases some of its core technologies — sifting, centrifuge clarification and thermal treatment — but GEA will also adapt its pilot process to match customers’ objectives, recipes and manufacturing processes for tailor-made solutions. 

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Versatile product handling technology

AQFlex from Gebo Cermex is an all-in-one product handling technology that is able to accommodate any product, specifically for liquid packaging producers, in all container materials, formats and shapes, whether full or empty. The machine also enables automatic changeovers and the maintenance of product integrity. It can operate at any speed, from 1,000 to 100,000 containers per hour, delivering energy savings of up to 60% without compromising high efficiency (99.5% even at high speeds), and it is up to 40% smaller than traditional solutions.

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Versatile cartoner with sanitary design

Bosch Packaging Technology offers its Kliklok MEC (Midrange Endload Cartoner), which packs up to 170 cartons per minute and is designed for the highest food safety standards. It features a patented rotary carton feeder, which erects cartons in the direction of product flow with a 30% greater carton-open time. Operators can use carton board with a higher recycling content for tangible savings in material costs. The unit meets stringent sanitary standards with its open-channel stainless-steel frame and angled surfaces, and is IP65 wash-down rated for easier cleaning.



PET bottle for milk

Major plastics players Krones, Husky and Silgan are joining forces with Practically Impossible Labs to manufacture Practically Impossible Labs’ BottleOne integrated handle PET bottle. The primary target market is milk, due to the visualization of product, better sealing potential and better product protection than other materials, and shatter-proof technology. Due to the bottle’s structural integrity, secondary packaging can be reduced or eliminated. The collaboration allows this patented technology to be manufactured on Krones’ Kosme rotary blow molder — with Husky preforms — and sealed with Silgan closures — a one-stop process for the industry.



Advanced packaging for the dairy industry

SealGard bag-in-box dairy film from Liqui-Box utilizes a unique resin technology. The film’s durability performance is optimized for refrigerated product applications, a valuable benefit to dairy suppliers around the world. The refrigerated drop-test performance has demonstrated a vast improvement compared to current industry-standard dairy films and an even larger improvement to impact resistance. These improvements have been accomplished using higher-performance resins that also translate to lighter bags, saving on inbound freight costs by as much as 25% and ensuring fewer leakers both off the filler and in the field.



Anti-fog heat seal coatings

Anti-fog heat seal coatings from Bostik are smart resins and coatings that enable companies to offer fresh foods and transparent, easy-to-use recyclable packaging. In addition to the clear packaging and extended product freshness, Bostik’s smart PET-based flexible packaging resins and coatings offer ideal heat-seal integrity to keep packages secure, yet easy for consumers to open. They feature high mechanical strength, good heat and chemical resistance, and high barrier properties, while aiding in streamlined, compatible recycling methods. Featuring a two-in-one formulation, they combine heat-seal functionality and anti-fog capabilities in one solution.



High-performance conveyor lubricant

Klüber Lubrication offers a variety of specialty lubricant products, including Klüberplus C2 PM2 Ultra Dry, a plastic conveyor belt lubricant for the beverage and food-processing industry; Klüberfood NH1 74-401, a synthetic long-life, high-temperature grease that uses a unique FDA-approved urea thickener; Gear Klüberoil 4 UH1 N series and Klübersynth UH1 6 series, synthetic high-performance gear and multipurpose oils; and Klübermatic dispensers, systems that automatically lubricate equipment and components.



Flexible bagmaking and case packing

Ishida and its exclusive partner in the Americas, Heat and Control, offer the Inspira Snack Bagmaker vertical form fill seal (VFFS) series and ACP-700 Case Packer. Inspira’s ease of access, predictive maintenance and ability to work with any type of laminated film from thick to thin make the equipment easy to operate. It offers the highest levels of productivity performance, system efficiency and pack quality, along with reduced environmental impact and an increased level of automation for operators. The ACP-700 fully automatic case packing system ensures correct bag count in the case and accurate case-packing of mass-produced products, with a capacity for boxing up to 150 packages/10 cases per minute.



Vibratory feeders that support large trays

The 76 Series Vibratory Feeder, the largest model in Eriez’ line up of
vibratory feeders, supports trays up to approximately 200 pounds and is
offered in the most common voltages. It provides all of the same features
and benefits customers have come to expect from existing models. With its ability to easily handle larger trays with multiple features such as screens, covers, inlet spouts and downspouts, and with a single compact drive unit required by bulk bag dischargers, it is also well-suited for bulk bag unloading. 



Disc pump with product recovery capabilities

PSG’s Mouvex company offers numerous models of its eccentric disc pump. Mouvex pumps feature the ability to enhance product-recovery capabilities by recovering product from transfer lines at rates of 60% to 80% or more, resulting in manufacturing cost savings. These SLS models of eccentric disc pumps are ideal for optimizing product-recovery applications because of their ability to pump air, creating a vacuum effect on the pump’s suction side and a compressor effect on the discharge side, resulting in a plug effect that pushes a complete product “plug” out of the piping.



Food-grade robotic solutions

All Stäubli four- and six-axis robots are now available in both standard and food-grade humid environment versions, which ensures complete coverage for every aspect of food production, from primary processing to secondary packaging and palletization. A recent innovation, the TX90HE six-axis robot, joins the field of HE robots for humid environments. The company’s HE robotic arms have a fully hygienic design, unmatched technical performance and the ability to completely eliminate bacterial contamination risks. HE robots are also suitable for applications such as waterjet cutting and washing.



Vacuum packaging with maximum chilling results

The Supervac AC 15 chill tank from Reiser increases the shelf life of vacuum-packaged products and ensures the elimination of discoloration after shrinking in a tank or a tunnel, as well as reduced energy consumption in the cooling chain. The hygienic design of the unit makes it easy to clean, and total immersion gives maximum chilling results. It features control box heating and automatic control of water levels, as well as automatic temperature control and adjustable dipping time and depth.



Bagger with heat sealing or ultrasonic sealing capabilities

Model XYS08 from Triangle Package Machinery is a high-speed, compact bagging machine designed to run a variety of products. The company has paired the unit with a Hinds-Bock pump. The vertical form-fill-seal bagger can seal bags with heat or ultrasonic technology and offers an optional ultrasonic back seal. Model XYS08 can run pillow bags, gusseted bags and flat-bottom bags, and offers quick and easy changeover of film rolls, sealing jaws and forming tubes to allow users to run multiple package styles, sizes and speeds.



Durable stainless-steel pump construction

Unibloc Pump released its QuickStrip rotor family, which includes MXD, metal and X-ray detectable rotors; DuraCore, with the uncompromised strength of stainless steel combined with front and back wear pads for durability and affordability; and PolyFlex, an easy-to-remove and easy-to-clean rotor design. This family of products has been the reliable standard for industries such as food and dairy processing for nearly three decades. The company’s pumps and patented features are specifically designed to offer a longer-lasting, cost-effective and easy-to-maintain pump.



Wrap labeling system for tapered containers

ProMach product brand ID Technology’s LSI-9135 wrap labeling system, similar to other offerings in the 9000 Series, improves the simple efficiency of the LSI-9130 and applies labels to difficult-to-handle tapered containers. The LSI-9135 becomes a standard offering where model customization was previously required for tapered container application, resulting in a more cost-effective labeling machine and quicker delivery without sacrificing quality. Built on the 9000 Series platform, the LSI-9135 is well-engineered and designed for simple installation, maintenance and ease of use. The company’s inline bottle-wrap labeling system then quickly and easily labels the most difficult-to-handle tapered containers.



Metal contaminant detector

The Interceptor DF from Fortress Technology uses a simultaneous multi-frequency operation that processes the transmission and reception of multiple frequencies continuously over a broad spectrum. The model was developed with divergent field technology, making it the first metal detector to use multiple field directions; it greatly improve the detection of ultra-thin contaminants from processing lines.




The Intralox drive unit is a pre-engineered, pre-assembled belt drive that simplifies the entire installation process on new and existing conveyor drive ends. The robust mechanical belt drive system is powered by patented tensionless technology, eliminating the risks and costs associated with tensioned belt systems, including complex tensioning procedures, tension-related mistracking, belt stretch and belt drive slip. The Intralox drive unit combines a stainless-steel frame, an optimized drive shaft, a patented drive engagement solution, and an innovative scraper assembly all in one single compact drive unit. It delivers reliable, predictable, food-safe belt conveyance.



Centrifugal cheese shredder and cutting head

The FAM Centris 400C Hytec and SureShred 16C from Deville Technologies are part of the FAM Centris product line for the centrifugal slicing and shredding of cheese. Deville is the exclusive distributor for North America. The shredder increases efficiency and yield, while offering USDA Dairy Accepted hygiene. The SureShred 16C is a high-quality and high-capacity cutting head. The product line consists of nine patented and patent-pending innovations. The centrifugal shredder comes standard with the SureShred 16C cutting head, for the shredding of a variety of cheeses.



Advanced mixing technology equipment

Admix offers several pieces of mixing equipment, including the Rotosolver, a high-shear and high-flow batch mixer offering 100% wetting out of powders for volumes up to 10,000 gallons, and the DynaShear, a high-shear, high-speed mixer and emulsifier for continuous processing. Fastfeed, a fully integrated skid-mounted system with an ergonomic operator table that instantly wets and disperses powders inline at the particulate level at rates up to 450 pounds per minute, and Admixer, a sanitary static mixer and blender ideal for processing miscible fluids regardless of flow rates, viscosity or density, are all in the company’s line.



Versatile case packer

The Spider 300v from BluePrint Automation is a two-robot case-loading system with vision, allowing processors and co-packers to pack both vertical and horizontal on the same line at the same time. Built for quick changeover between recipes, the Spider 300v is capable of handling standard RSC cases, three-sided displays and a wide range of other secondary containers. The unit features a new standard modular frame designed to reduce cost by minimizing wiring and significantly minimizing footprint of the line by eliminating bulky external electrical cabinets.




R.A Jones, a Coesia company, added the Autoprod CF-400 cup filling solution, engineered in response to market needs of the dairy industry and other industries. The machine features 3A certification with optional ultra-clean sterilization technology. It has maintenance-friendly features, fast and flexible tool-less changeovers, and precision operations to improve overall equipment effectiveness. It allows configurations for pre-formed cups of all sizes and throughputs up to 1,080 cups per minute.



Metal detection option for checkweigher

Product and package inspection solutions from Wipotec-OCS, including the HC-M-VA-MDi checkweigher with a Fortress Stealth metal detector option, deliver advanced digital signal processing technology to detect the smallest ferrous, nonferrous and stainless-steel containments. Light or full integration choices are offered with the checkweigher’s metal detector option. The rugged design and the companies’ focus on providing technologically advanced checkweighers enable units that are built to last in robust application environments.



Clean, safe conveying on wide belt conveyor

Sustainable and clean packaging concepts significantly reduce losses in food production and the supply chain. FlexLink (a Coesia company) offers a wide belt conveyor, WLX, that sets new standards for cleaning process time and results. The cleaning process is fast and easy while following industry requirements and regulations. The conveyor is also safe, silent and ergonomic; operators can easily lift the chain for cleaning. The WLX platform design enables refined standardization, good hygiene and trouble-free operation.



Easy-open packaging

Easily opened by pulling a tab, the Cryovac Grip & Tear bag from Sealed Air features a design that eliminates mess and keeps fingers, counters and utensils clean. The Grip & Tear bag increases food safety by helping to prevent worker injuries and cross-contamination, and assists with brand-building by allowing for distortion-free graphics. Designed to seal in freshness, the gas barrier performance of the shrink bag significantly extends shelf life and reduces food waste. The skin-tight bag minimizes the packaged volume and markedly reduces packaging material compared to lidded trays or other alternatives.



Multi-frequency metal detection technology

The Thermo Scientific Sentinel multiscan metal detector from Thermo Fisher Scientific features a multiscan technology platform, a first-of-its-kind metal detection technology that uses five simultaneous frequencies. It can detect contaminants up to 50% smaller in volume than previous instruments. The multiscan technology is the equivalent of running five metal detectors in a row, all scanning for different metal contaminants, raising the probability of finding metal objects and keeping consumers safer than ever before.



Compact top-load case and tray packer

Delkor’s compact case-packing system for rigid containers, the Performance Loader, was designed with key performance features in mind, including a reliable servo-driven pick-and-place gantry and an innovative infeed system to reach loading speeds up to 200 containers per minute. With the capability of packing tapered cups, bottles and a range of other rigid container shapes and styles, this affordable top-load case packing system offers maximum flexibility for minimum investment. A variety of configurable options enables it to load containers into multiple secondary packaging styles.



X-Ray detection equipment

Anritsu X-Ray detection equipment provides unrivaled inspection of physical contaminants, regardless of their size, shape or location, within a wide range of applications, including yogurt, butter, cheese, ice cream and powdered products such as milk-based drinks. The company’s second-generation Dual Energy XR75 DualX X-Ray inspection system is ideal for finding low-density contaminants such as rocks, stones, bones and glass in a large variety of food products. Based on the company’s XR75 X-Ray platform, it provides significant improvements to detector and tank lifetimes to reduce overall cost of ownership.



Paperboard packaging

The reduction of the consumption of packaging and the use of recyclable materials in the production of packaging are top of mind for companies. In the near future, the demand for recyclable packaging in particular will increase significantly. Multivac PaperBoard offers a variety of solutions for the production of packaging based on paper fiber that fully meets the requirements of recyclability.



Food, beverage leak detection system

The Rosemount CT4215 from Emerson is a quantum cascade laser/tunable diode laser (QCL/TDL) continuous, inline detection system designed to help ensure quality and safety, maximize production volume and decrease product waste for food and beverage products. It tests the seal and integrity of every bottle or package on a production line, detecting leaks at a sensitivity as low as 0.3 millimeters and automatically rejecting any defective bottle or package without slowing down production. The compact, self-contained unit installs directly on a line in a compact. A wide variety of customizable sampling heads are available for many packaging types.