The Sidel Group, San Vendemiano, Italy, said it concluded the acquisition of PET Engineering Srl on Oct. 11, further expanding its portfolio of packaging solutions.

“With packaging increasingly playing a key role in any marketing mix, we are confident that Sidel and PET Engineering’s complementary strengths in packaging design, qualification and blowing process will bring the Sidel Group more business opportunities while offering customers a diversified choice of partners to materialize their creative requirements,” said Pavel Shevchuk, executive vice president, services, Sidel Group.

Moreno Barel, CEO of PET Engineering, said PET Engineering is positioned to help Sidel in the expansion of packaging offerings, particularly in relation to container design for liquid dairy products, soft drinks, water and beer.

“Through this acquisition, we are also diversifying our packaging services portfolio to better meet our customers’ needs,” Shevchuk said. “Packaging design has a critical impact on the whole supply chain efficiency and therefore is a key enabler of our brand promise — Performance through Understanding — and of the strategy behind it. This move will ultimately translate into solid value for the Sidel Group.”