Madison, Ind.-based Madison Chemical said it introduced a comprehensive four-page brochure that details its DairyClean line of formulated chemicals designed specifically for the unique cleaning and sanitation needs of dairies.

The full-color brochure describes DairyClean clean-in-place (CIP)-acid cleaners, foaming acid cleaners, CIP alkaline cleaners, foaming chlorinated alkaline cleaners, CIP chlorinated alkaline cleaners, general purpose cleaners, floor cleaners and floor treatments, and lubricants and specialty products. In addition to thorough product descriptions and usage suggestions (with dilutions), the literature includes testimonials from dairy customers, the company said.

The products were developed by Madison’s team of dairy specialists and chemists to enhance finished product quality and sustain or increase shelf life. The application-specific products are ideal for dairies of all sizes and volumes, Madison Chemical said.

DairyClean dairy sanitation products are available through the company’s nationwide network of direct technical representatives, who assist customers in all stages of their cleaning process, including process development. For additional information, visit, call (812) 273-6000, or email Read more in the brochure here.