In March 2018, All Star Association announced a name change to All Star Purchasing Association, D.B.A. All Star Purchasing. All Star is a member-owned group purchasing organization (GPO) that offers competitive purchasing programs with a mission to save its members time and money on items they need for their business. 

Since 1958, All Star has proudly served the dairy industry. While dairies still represent a significant portion of its membership, many of its members represent a variety of other industries, including food, distribution, blow molding, vertically integrated, beverage and other organizations. All Star’s name change better represents the collection of members it serves. 

Although its name has changed, All Star’s commitment to providing members value through in-depth market intelligence and volume-priced discounts remains the same.

All Star focuses on five purchasing categories:

  • Packaging: paperboard, resin, corrugate and more.
  • Logistics: dry, refrigerated, frozen and food-grade tankers.
  • Facility supplies: cleaning and sanitation, equipment, maintenance, repair and operating, and more.
  • Ingredients: cocoa, dairy commodities, sweeteners and more.
  • Fleet: tires, lubricants and parts.

Why do members count on All Star as their trusted purchasing partner?

  • Expertise: All Star has first-hand industry knowledge and extensive purchasing expertise.
  • Advocacy: All Star works for its members and puts its buying power to work on their behalf to consistently provide savings.
  • Industry leadership: All Star has been a trusted GPO for more than 60 years, staying up-to-date with market and industry trends and delivering measurable financial results.

With more than 300 member companies representing more than 600 locations, together All Star members achieve great savings.   


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