Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis., unveiled a new Wisconsin cheese brand identity in June at the 2018 IDDBA Show in New Orleans. This launch encompasses new Proudly Wisconsin Cheese and Proudly Wisconsin Dairy logos, an updated merchandising program, a fresh website with all new photography and an entertaining educational web series, the organization said.

As consumer preference builds for Wisconsin dairy products and specialty cheese, the new logos and accompanying in-store marketing will help Wisconsin brands be more easily identified at point of sale. National consumer research revealed that while the previous logos were favorable, rebranding will strengthen consumer awareness and increase trial, leading to a stronger likelihood for repeat purchases and recommendations of Wisconsin brands at retail, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin said.

The new logos pop on product packaging to quickly and clearly convey that the product comes from America’s Dairyland. The logos resemble a ribbon, which represents the pride and quality deeply rooted in Wisconsin dairy industry and its award-winning history, according to the organization. Retailers and consumers will begin seeing new on-package logos and in-store merchandising rolling out nationwide over the next few months.

“After many months of consumer testing and research, we are pleased to unveil our new Proudly Wisconsin branding,” said Chad Vincent, CEO of Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. “These new logos not only help consumers more easily identify Wisconsin cheese and dairy products, but also reflect the championship pedigree of our state’s producers.”