Parker Products, a Fort Worth, Texas-based provider of inclusions and other specialty ingredients for the dairy, beverage, baking, confectionery, foodservice and snack industries, said it is holding a grand opening ceremony for its new manufacturing facility in Fort Worth on April 18, 2018.

With three times the capacity of Parker Products’ previous location, the 90,000-square-foot facility houses all of the company’s operations and allows for new processes, the company said. For example, real-time quality control checks and overall equipment effectiveness feedback are now available digitally from the production lines. Additionally, each production room in the facility features a separate air-handling system to prevent cross-contamination.

“Along with quality, top priorities for our new facility were efficiency and waste reduction,” said Greg Hodder, president. “I’m proud to say that the new location features many green initiatives.”

Examples of the facility’s eco-friendly features include LED light systems with motion control, stainless insulated metal panels, an ammonia water chill system and humidity control.

Parker Products said the facility will allow it to offer expanded capabilities. The plant is located at 3001 Strawn Drive.