Schuman Cheese, Fairfield, N.J., said it entered into an exclusive partnership with German company Bergader Privatkäserei, which is recognized globally for its more than 100 years of expertise in Bavarian cheese. The partnership will enhance Schuman Cheese’s import roster. Schuman will now be the exclusive importer and distributor of Bergader cheeses.

“Bergader is a world-class company producing some of the best cheeses in the world,” said Ian Schuman, fourth-generation family member and specialty cheese business unit lead. “We believe that this partnership offers incredible synergies between our two companies, but more importantly, the partnership will give consumers the opportunity to try one of the best cheeses in the world from one of the cleanest and ecologically unique places in Europe.”

The partnership between the two cheese companies provides U.S. consumers with expanded availability to Bergader’s famous range of cheeses, Schuman Cheese said, such as Bavaria Blu, the original triple crème blue soft cheese hybrid, and Edelpilz, the German alpine blue cheese.

Bergader has been innovating and producing best-in-class cheeses for four generations, since its humble beginnings in the 1902. Located in Waging Am See, on the foothills of the Alps, the company crafts its cheeses with the best Bavarian alpine milk following time-tested original recipes, Schuman Cheese said.

Since 1945, Schuman Cheese has been partnering with companies across the world to fulfill its core purpose of enhancing everyday eating experiences with the highest quality cheese. Schuman Cheese said it will rely on its expansive distribution network, top level supply chain and diverse customer list to distribute Bergader products to create great eating experiences for consumers across the nation.