Aseptic processing solutions

MicroThermics offers small-scale and research UHT/HTST/aseptic processing, and now also aseptic laboratory fillers. The company has solutions for making production-quality juices, dairy beverages and more. The equipment enables companies to streamline their R&D and reduce costs. Available equipment includes direct/indirect processors, indirect and microwave processors, and its Veros processors, as well as in-line homogenizers, fillers and more.



Separators for cheese processing

GEA North America’s separators have been designed specifically for the production of double cream fresh cheese from milk of 8% to 12% fat content, depending on the parameters of raw and finished product. All units are available with belt-driven drives improving yield, and there are new bowls for small- and medium-sized processors. The desludging bowl enables fully automatic cleaning-in-place operation. Opening and closing of the bowl for discharging the solids takes place hydraulically using water, and product is fed into the machine through a closed-line system.



Homogenizer provides maximum particle size reduction

The Boston Shearmill homogenizer from Admix delivers high shear rates and tip speeds for maximum particle size reduction. It is capable of milling soft particles to less than 1 micron or hard particles down to 1-2 microns in a single pass at production rates up to 160 GPM. It is ideal for dairy processors seeking a heat exchanger or milk processing equipment that offers ease of operation, low energy consumption and cleanability. The unit also offers an alternative to high-energy, high-maintenance homogenizers for many dairy applications.



CIP bag dump station

CIP bag dump stations from Powder Process-Solutions are constructed to meet USDA Dairy Sanitary Standards and are designed for optimum cleaning efficiency with operator-friendly ergonomics. CIP-capable bag dump stations feature tool-free removal of the baffle and bag grate, a leak-free clamped door seal, and crevice-free, self-draining interior design with removable CIP spray ball and vent. Typical applications include powder-feed systems for liquid mixers and processes handling allergen products. It can also be used in conjunction with PPS hot air drying units.



Heating system for cheese processing

Karl Schnell offers a continuously working heating unit with its KS Heating System UHT, which is highly flexible, efficient and reliable. It is suitable for smaller cheesemakers as well as industrial, large-scale production. Variable production capacities from 50-150 l/h (for research and development) up to 2000 – 6000 l/h (for industrial plants) are offered. It is equipped with two independent heating circuits, offering the operator flexibility in the production process and higher efficiencies.



Direct steam injection for cheesemaking

Direct steam injection heaters from Pick Heaters use culinary steam to quickly heat dairy products to the desired temperature. Direct steam injection blends the product stream with the higher-pressure steam using a multiple orifice injector. The steam has intimate contact with the product, maximizing heat transfer with the shortest hold time and least protein denaturing compared to other heating methods. It can also speed up the manufacturing of products such as process cheeses and soft natural cheeses.



HTST pasteurization units are custom-built

Koss Industrial’s custom high-temperature short-time pasteurizers are designed and constructed to USDA and WDA sanitary standards and are custom-ordered to complement unique application needs. These high-quality pasteurization units provide a turnkey solution. The company also manufactures balance tanks, holding tubes, heat exchangers and more. As an authorized Alfa Laval master distributor, the company can configure, size and provide sanitary components from any brand/manufacturer per specifications.



Large capacity homogenizer is energy-efficient

The Tetra Pak Homogenizer 500 is capable of producing up to 63,600 liters per hour and is said to offer outstanding product quality. It features the company’s HD EnergyIQ, a homogenizing device that uses six gaps instead of one and enables it to operate at pressures approximately 20% lower than standard machines. This is said to result in considerable reductions in energy consumption and costs. The lower operating pressure results in lower wear. The machine also uses 80% less cooling water and 70% less steam compared to many alternative brands.