For 100% wetting out of powders and featuring an easy-to-clean design, Admix’s Rotosolver high shear mixer has a 3-A-compliant design. It offers high-speed batch mixing, improved dispersion and reduced energy consumption for volumes up to 10,000 gallons.

The Rotosolver delivers up to 50% less energy consumption, up to 600% higher flow rates, 20% higher tip speeds, and around six times more throughput than conventional mixers, according to Rick Earley, national sales manager for Admix.

The mixer is ideal for processors interested in concentrating the solids level in batches while reducing mixing times, controlling costs, preventing fisheyes and rafting on the top of the vessel. The system combines good product motion and intense mixing vortex control with efficient pumping blades and a high-shear mixing region to reduce agglomerates and rafting.