Natural plant extract line offers milkfat, flavor and color

Kemin Fortra natural plant extract enables clean labeling and is sustainably grown. Derived from spearmint, it is extracted using an environmentally friendly process. With this water-soluble ingredient, beverage formulators can benefit from a protection solution that is effective, consistent, reliable and easy to implement. In whole-fat milk products, Fortra delays milk-fat oxidation, providing protection in both liquid whole-fat milk and whole-fat milk powder. It can also provide both color and flavor protection by delaying oxidation.



Proprietary product offers five different masking properties

Smoothenol 2G from Sensient is a proprietary masking technology that is used to mitigate negative flavor attributes in food and beverage products. It can mask a multitude of tastes and sensations including bitterness, astringency, metallic notes, sourness and palate burn. It is formulated from all-natural ingredients and its masking formulas neutralize off-notes without muting other flavors. Smoothenol 2G formulas can be added to varying degrees in order to tactically eliminate negative off-notes and flavor receptors.



Flavor technology optimizes flavor delivery, improves nutrition

Glanbia Nutritionals’ EasyFlav Whey is a flavor technology that neutralizes the off-notes typically found in protein to provide a clean, consistent flavor while enhancing the nutritional profile. Known for its flavor-neutralizing capabilities in vegetable proteins, EasyFlav flavor technology has been specifically developed for whey protein systems for use in health and wellness and sports nutrition applications. It offers a protein-filled product with a clean label, which delivers maximum nutrition, and is a streamlined solution, eliminating the need for separate protein and flavor solutions.

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Pure cold-brew coffee concentrate

Synergy Flavors launched Synergy Pure 100% Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. Cold-brewed coffee is made using cold or room temperature water. Slow-steeped, the extraction time is usually between 10 to 24 hours for a very different product from hot-brewed coffee. The company’s proprietary processing technology enables it to capture the freshest, most authentic flavors from nature.



Natural alternative to starches and gums 

Psyberloid, psyllium powder from BI Nutraceuticals, contains up to 90% dietary fiber; is gluten-free; absorbs flavors and is nearly tasteless; and is heat-and pH-stable, making it the ideal ingredient for a broad range of product applications. For dairy beverage formulators, dietary fiber not only provides nutritious value to the product, but developmental value as well due to its unique and diverse properties. Fiber enhances mouthfeel, increases viscosity, provides structure, replaces fat and retains moisture.



Flavor enhancers developed specifically for fluid milk products

Allen Flavors offers rich chocolate and creamy vanilla flavor boosters that bring significant cost reductions over traditional cocoa powders and vanilla extracts. Both flavors are natural and artificial with other natural flavors, and can be used in existing products as a flavor enhancer or used as a stand-alone component in new product development.



Brewed liquid tea ingredient

Amelia Bay’s new brewed liquid tea solids are a direct replacement for instant tea powders. This brewed liquid tea ingredient will eliminate problems with sedimentation, clouding and off flavors at a similar cost. The company says its liquid concentrated solids will reduce manufacturing costs since they are much cleaner and easier to use and offer clean-label claims that will easily differentiate premium brewed teas from other products in a crowded marketplace.



Sugar alternative for milks

Beneo’s Palatinose (isomaltulose) has a sugar-like taste that provides an excellent sweetness profile. Being nonfermentable by lactic acid bacteria, it provides manufacturers a way to offer new types of flavored milk with an excellent carbohydrate source. It is a slow-release alternative to traditional sugars. Being fully yet slowly digested, it releases glucose to the body and brain in a more balanced and steady manner. Palatinose is made from beet sugar and is the company’s trade name for isomaltulose, which occurs naturally in honey.



Gellan gum for dairy and nondairy applications

Gellan gum from Ingredients Solutions is polysaccharide, bio-fermentation gum. Fermentation gums make use of certain strains of bacteria to produce polysaccharides for both food and industrial applications. Gellan gum is widely useful in the stabilization of both dairy and nondairy beverages and desserts. Whether used in milk-based or plant-based milks, it provides both stability and suspension of solids in either HTST or UHT processing.



Helps boost protein content in beverages

Ingredion’s clean-taste Vitessence Pulse CT protein concentrates feature a clean flavor profile, enabling manufacturers to more easily formulate across a broader range of applications, including beverages, RTD beverages, powdered beverages and smoothies. Derived from pea or faba bean, they contain 55% to 60% protein on a dry basis and are gluten-free, non-GMO, vegetarian and sustainably sourced. These proteins can be used to enrich a wide range of new and differentiated beverages – with no or minimal impact on flavor – while providing nutritious, protein-packed beverages.



Developed exclusively from natural carotenes

Naturex’s sustainably sourced and formulated Naturel B–Carotene Palm Free is a palm-free emulsion of natural carotene. Providing a rich orange/mango shade, it is ideal for naturally coloring dairy and juice drinks without compromising color shelf-life. Available in liquid and powder forms, the ingredient can be safely used to satisfy the need for palm-free label claims, and is an ideal replacement for artificial colors. It is sourced from algae or B-carotene of fungal origin, never from palm carotene.



Ingredient solution for authentic coffee beverages

S&D developed an ingredient solution for authentic 100% Cold Brew coffee beverages. The company uses 100% Colombian green coffee, roasted in its facility, and then extracts the roasted coffee for a minimum of 10 hours at room temperature. The cold brew extracts are versatile and can be used in black cold brew coffee applications as well as dairy-based frappes, iced coffees and lattes.



Beverage fortification offers proteins and advanced functionality

Hilmar’s 9020 whey protein isolate is used for beverage fortification. Its superior protein contribution and advanced functionality give manufacturers an advantage in developing drinks. It is a highly functional WPI with excellent clarity. Designed to reduce astringency in low pH applications, the product provides optimized flavor in juices and other acid beverages, is heat-stable and is suitable for use across the range of pasteurization procedures.



Color emulsions for dairy applications

DDW, The Color House has expanded its EmulsiTech line of natural colors emulsions to include paprika and beta-carotene for use in dairy-based applications such as milk, yogurt, smoothies and ice cream. These color emulsions are easily incorporated into any dairy applications to create yellow to orange hues for flavors such as banana, orange, mango, pineapple and lemon. Their improved water solubility and excellent heat and light stability provide product developers with naturally vivid colors.



Colors from fruits and vegetables

San Joaquin Valley Concentrates’ naturally sourced colors are made from fruits and vegetables, and are available in a variety of red, pink and purple shades. Its crystal colors are carrier-free, easily soluble, and have a five-year shelf life at ambient temperature. The company’s colors are non-GMO, OU kosher and halal-certified, and are manufactured at its FSSC 22000-certified plant. Its newest color, Crystal Tinto Shade, is an all-vegetable replacement for carmine/cochineal in acidic applications.



Spiced apple drinkable yogurt

This soy and dairy hybrid drinkable yogurt featuring ADM ingredients including soluble corn fiber, isolated soy protein, sugar, natural flavors, mixed tocopherols (antioxidants), peptide extract and sucralose, is a spiced apple drinkable yogurt with Immunel that contains milk. It has 4 grams of protein in a 200 milliliter serving, is an excellent source of fiber, offering 5 grams per serving, and contains 10% recommended dietary allowance for calcium.



Cold-brew coffee and tea extracts

Flavorchem Corp.’s line of cold-brew coffee and tea extracts is ideally suited for dairy applications. The product features unique batch processing, providing for a specialty coffee shop flavor, low bitterness and acidity with a clean smooth taste character.  It is non-GMO Project Verified, Organic Certified and Fair Trade available. Single or multiple origins and custom blends are available.



Ingredient for tropical dairy beverage

Del Carmen Foods offers soursop (guanábana) fruit as an ingredient in tropical dairy beverages. Cultivated in tropical climates all over the world, the spiny soursop fruit’s flavor can be described as a combination of strawberry and pineapple. It has a sweet and sour taste from contrasting citrus notes and an underlying creamy flavor. High in fiber, the fruit is also high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. An ideal addition to smoothies, yogurts, sorbets or ice creams, soursop can add unique flavor and beneficial nutrients to any dairy product.

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Caramel color earns non-GMO verification

SB245 caramel color from Sethness is now non-GMO project verified. It is manufactured from nongenetically modified cane sucrose. It is low in sulfite, it’s kosher, gluten-free, and no 4-MeI is created during its production. With a Tinctorial Power of 0.2350 – 0.265, this unique caramel color is significantly darker than traditional Class I powders.



All-natural, clean-label sweetening solution for beverages

Steviva’s MonkSweet+ Ultra brings together optimal levels of proprietary stevia, monk fruit (lo han guo) and erythritol resulting in a rounded, full sweetness profile with a mouthfeel similar to sugar. Twice as sweet as sugar with 0.2 calories per gram, the sweetener delivers a naturally sweet, minimal calorie solution. The blend easily plugs into formulations to replace sucrose or high-fructose corn syrup, offering manufacturers a clean-label sweetening solution for beverages as well as powdered protein and functional beverages mixes. The company’s unique, natural methods of water extraction and purification produce an exceptionally clean flavor profile.



Stevia blends more closely resemble sugar

Prinova USA offers specific stevia blends that more closely resemble the taste profile of sugar. The company’s application specialists recently used these next-generation stevia blends to develop a dairy beverage prototype that helps manufacturers hit calorie and sugar-reduction claims. This fruit smoothie boasts 50% reduced sugar than a typical dairy beverage, with 10 grams of protein and a light vitamin premix for another boost of wellness.



Whole-food fiber ingredient for nondairy beverages

With double-digit growth of plant-based beverages, Blue Pacific now offers its Farm-to-Flavor Whole Grain, SimplyOat Paste. Made from non-GMO whole grain oats, the clean-labeled whole-food ingredient has the consistency of peanut butter and retains all the functional nutritional fiber and beta glucan found in oats for heart-healthy and whole grain product claims. The product is water-soluble and ideal for creating whole grain, high-fiber and oat-based nondairy beverages or adding to cultured dairy products like yogurt or yogurt drinks.  



Fruit purees in a variety of flavors

Tree Top fruit purée includes apricot, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, grape, mango, peach, pear, cherry, raspberry, tropical and apple flavors that can be used in the dairy industry. With several different processing methods, such as aseptic or pasteurization, the company can produce custom fruit ingredients that meet customers’ color, viscosity, flavor, texture and technical requirements. The Concentrated Fruit Purées are ideal for smoothies, beverages, ice creams and yogurts.