Case erector with high-end production features

At Pack Expo last September A-B-C Packaging introduced the Model 300 case erector for 15-25 cpm production lines. The erector is a midrange machine that offers key production features of A-B-C’s higher speed Model 330 erector to deliver 24/7 reliable operation in a streamlined machine. Features include an ergonomic, low-level KD magazine that is easy to load and includes automatic stack indexing that frees the operator for other tasks. The top-feeding KD magazine accommodates warped and band-marked cases and the cam-operated erecting arm over-opens cases by the outer flaps to ensure reliable inner flap folding. A mechanical main drive powers the walking beam case transfer that positively squares cases as they travel.



Ultra-compact sanitary case packers

Delkor’s ultra-compact Direct [D] Series is a new line of sanitary case packers that’s designed to connect directly to the latest generation of form/fill/seal or straight line pre-formed cup fillers. By integrating directly with the discharge end of the filler, conveyance is eliminated and a dairy’s cups or tubs are picked just after the filling position and placed directly onto flat pads into four-sided trays, or top-load cases with no chance of tipping, according to the company. The system works well for applications in yogurt, cultured products, ice cream and other refrigerated foods. 



Case/tray packer provides gentle product handling

Douglas Machine says its Axiom IM case/tray packer provides gentle product handling at speeds up to 45 cases/trays per minute with pack-pattern flexibility. The small footprint, with open frame modular design, saves floor space while the sanitary stainless steel frame construction provides increased corrosion resistance. The infeed and metering technologies ensure efficient product handling. Simple menu-driven changeovers allow for adaptation to evolving and uncertain product life cycles. The optional SmartSelect automatic changeover for multi-lane conveyors and infeed rails provides fast, repeatable changeover. It also offers multiple enhancements such as significantly reduced changeover time, repeatability, flexibility, durability and improved ergonomics.



Gable top case packer for rapid changeovers

Schneider Packaging showcased its gable top case packer at Pack Expo last September. The solid-body, stainless steel case packer is designed for easy, accurate and rapid changeovers. The case packer quickly changes out from the two-pack convenience case to the 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-pack cases and is also available as a top or bottom loading vertical case packer. In addition to being a complete washdown unit, the case packer uses an additional sleeve fitted around open spaces in the support frame, creating a physical barrier between the bolt and the inside of the frame.