Paper-sided lid

Double H Plastics offers a paper-sided pint lid (PSL) for the ice cream and frozen dessert markets. The hybrid lid offers six-color, fully registered skirt printing combined with a rigid plastic inner frame that allows for the best possible lid fit and function. The lid will also be available in 32- and 48-ounce round sizes.



Paper containers and lids

Two sizes have been added to the extensive lineup of Stanpac paper containers for ice cream and frozen desserts. The 12-ounce package is a larger single-serve or a small multi-serve for higher-price-point items, while the 24-ounce package gives consumers another choice in size and price point. Both of the packages can use a paper spiral-wound lid and will accept premium lithographic printing.



Convenient packaging material

Elopak’s Pure-Pak Mini packaging solution was designed for convenience and on-the-go consumption. Available in 4-ounce, 6-ounce, 8-ounce and 16-ounce sizes, these containers are more functional with added features such as a closure and curve on the edge. The Mini solution can be used for high-acid and low-acid products, therefore accommodating a range of liquid dairy and juice products.



Shelf-ready packaging 

With multiple product and design options, WestRock’s four- or eight-cornered Meta WD cases offer a compression strength that is 25% to 50% higher than traditional shippers. The use of two distinct die-cut blanks allows for optimized bottom and cover combinations based on the type of product and its relative weight. The two-piece design provides a combination of strength through the supply chain and brand presentation for drinkable and spoonable yogurt and other dairy products.



Carton bottle for low-acid products

A carton bottle for low-acid products such as milk and plant-based dairy alternatives is offered by SIG Combibloc. The pack looks and handles like a bottle, but offers the environmental and logistical benefits of a carton pack. For the UHT filling of low-acid products, the packs must meet the highest requirements for sterile use since germs can reproduce much more readily in a low-acid environment. The filling machines for Combidome Low Acid and the carton packs also account for milk and milk alternatives’ sensitivity to light so manufacturers can flexibly fill a variety of beverages.



Aseptic carton with unique D shape

Tetra Pak’s Evero Aseptic carton features a new and improved barrier material in the package top, enabling it to be used for a wider range of products, including enriched and flavored milk, toddler milk and dairy alternatives such as soy, almond and oat milk. The carton body is comfortable to hold; the cap is easy to grip and open; and pouring is smooth. With its unique “D-Shape,” it also stands out on supermarket shelves, according to the company. The paperboard used in the containers is 100% FSC certified.



Sleeved thermoformed pots for dairy applications

Using the APsleeve end-of-line shrink sleeve labeler from Aprium, Synerlink offers a decorative solution for dairy containers, from the bottom, for thermoformed pots (behind FFS line) or preformed pots (behind FS line). Composed with a standard module (5-meter length), added at the FFS or FS line and adapted to individual pots or welded pots, APsleeve is said to benefit from a significantly reduced footprint compared to existing solutions. The graphics of the lids are aligned with those of the sleeve, and a variety of pot shapes and sleeve labels can be made at production rates of 12,000 to 45,000 pots per hour.

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Refillable glass bottles

Stanpac’s 12-ounce glass bottle is strong enough to be refilled but it is economical enough to be used as a one-trip container. The bottle features a retro shape. Also available is applied ceramic labeling, a direct screen print onto the container that eliminates the need for paper or pressure-sensitive labels.



Liquid liner
Arena Products’
newest version of its patented Air-Evac liquid liners, the Apex Liner, is capable of achieving less than 1% residual without manual manipulation with its new air chamber construction. The liner uses standard shop air, existing air regulators, while ensuring no air touches the product as the chambers inflate. The design can be configured with features such as a bottom fill and drain, irradiation and barrier films. Versions of the liner fit the Arena 330 Shipper, as well as other containers.