See-through-bottom container

Airlite Plastics’ N Line is the latest addition to its in-mold labeling (IML) product line.  The line offers the bold style of its E Line but with the opportunity to see product inside. The container starts at the top as a 410 diameter round and then tapers gradually to an oblong shape at the bottom.  This provides for broad front and back panels that work well with IML graphics. The line has a curved full-wrap IML label that covers the top portion of the container’s wall, leaving a window at the bottom to showcase the product inside. It also has a bottom label that allows for added product information.  It’s available in the sizes of 8-, 12- and 16-ounces.


Semi-rigid, flexible vacuum-formed plastic liner

CDF Corp.’s Smart Pail is a semi-rigid, flexible vacuum-formed plastic liner with a unique wide-mouth laminated peel-reseal lidding film structure offering tamper evidence, easy open-close, excellent oxygen barrier and efficient disposal. The liner can be used for dairy products, fillings, dressings and sauces. The pail is inserted into a specifically designed corrugated box and stacked 48 units per 40-inch by 48-inch pallet for transportation. The pail provides a significant cost-savings opportunity via decreased carbon footprint, easier disposal and space-savings.


4-corner tray with die-cut wedges

WestRock’s patented, 4-corner tray design with die-cut wedges holds tapered dairy products securely in place to avoid shift when packaged in right-angled primary containers. Benefits include a significant reduction in packaging costs as compared to flat, corrugated pads which require glue and increased handling to unpack. The tray also allows for container integrity without shrink film, does not require box cutters or other tools, and promotes safer shelving. It’s ideally suited for many dairy tapered cup type products, including cheese, ice cream, butter and yogurt.


Induction seals with lower peel force

EdgePull induction seals from Tri-Seal, a division of Tekni-Plex Inc., require low peel force to remove. The seals also peel cleanly, which means no adhesive residue/strings to contaminate the contents after opening. The pull tab is designed with enhanced strength to resist delamination from the rest of the structure when removed by consumers. The liners are typically used with closures ranging from 28 to 63 millimeters and are ideal for a wide range of narrow- and wide-mouthed containers that benefit from a tamper-evident device. EdgePull PPE has been engineered for use with polyethylene and polypropylene containers typically used for dairy and other liquids.


48-ounce round ice cream package

Stanpac added a new package to its family of paperboard ice cream packaging products. The 48-ounce round cup can accept a traditional paper spiral wound lid or the company’s SecurTec 160 tamper-evident composite lid. Excellent graphics are achieved with a lithographic printing process and high-gloss varnish.  The company provides a complete line of ice cream packaging from 3-ounce up to 67.6-ounce, and round and non-round configurations.