Rosati Ice 2 quarter pailComing off its successful 2013 supermarket launch of Rosati’s Party Pails, exclusively in Acme Markets, Rosati Ice, Clifton Heights, Pa., announced the introduction of a new two quart size Rosati Ice Party Pail for the 2014 summer season, together with a renewal of its exclusive supermarket marketing agreement with Acme Markets.

The new Rosati Party Pails are available in Mango, Classic Rainbow (cherry, lemon & blue raspberry), Classic Cherry and Root Beer flavors. Rosati Ice is known for its recipe that allows the Italian ice to remain “scoopable” for some time even at really cold temperatures. The party pails can also be put back in the freezer and stay fresh for awhile.

Rosati’s unique scoopability feature was created by Rosati V.P. Of Great Taste, Al Everetts. He observed that ice cream and Italian ices are often stored together in the same ice cream freezers in stores, even though Italian ices need a slightly warmer freezer temperature (18 degrees versus two degrees) to maintain their scoopable consistency. Business practicality usually put the two types of products in the same freezer. Therefore, Rosati created a new formulation that would make his product’s texture manageable, even when stored at colder temperatures.

SOURCE: Rosati Ice