chr hansonProduction of traditional mesophilic fresh dairy products like sour cream, quark, buttermilk, fromage frais and cream cheese is often a compromise between optimal flavor development and a risk of CO2 development during distribution.

For traditional starter cultures containing e.g. Leuconostoc, flavor production is linked to gas development and the risk of blowing cups or bottles.

eXact® NG Flavor+ breaks the link

In response to the growing consumer demand for tasty dairy products with natural ingredients and improved flavor, Chr. Hansen is now launching a phage robust adjunct culture that increases the fat perception of fresh dairy products and maintains good flavor through shelf life: eXact® NG Flavor+.

“In mesophilic fresh dairy application, flavor development and gas development during production and distribution are usually linked - eXact® NG Flavor+ breaks that link,” explains Lasse Vigel Joergensen, Global Marketing Manager, Chr. Hansen.

The new culture, which is a blend of Lactobacillus species, shows an ability to improve the flavor profile during storage of fresh dairy products. While most fresh dairy products lose their delicious, fresh and indulgent flavor during the first 2-3 weeks of storage, products fermented with eXact® NG Flavor+ experience an improved flavor that is maintained for longer by the diacetyl production during chill storage, which givesincreased shelf life with high quality.

eXact® NG Flavor+ indulges low fat products

“When we tested fermented milks produced with eXact® NG Flavor+ in a sensory panel, the product came out with an improved fat perception in head-to-head comparison made without the new culture. Samples with 1.5 % fat were perceived to contain 2.5 % fat – a 67 % increase in fat perception,” elaborates Joergensen.

Improves the product without compromising taste or texture

The culture is designed to be added on top of the normal starter culture and has no effect on the acidification speed of the fermentation or the post acidification. As a result, the texture of the product is not influenced.

“On the contrary, we often see a glossy or more shiny look of the fresh dairy product when produced with eXact® NG Flavor+,” underlines Joergensen.

 “We invite our customers to unfold the value of eXact® NG flavor+ through increased shelf life with high quality that enables them to reach new markets and growth their business,” he concludes.