DuPont Nutrition & Health has expanded its range of protective dairy cultures with the introduction of Holdbac YM Plus, part of the DuPont Danisco range. Controlling contamination of fermented dairy products by yeast and mold is one of the greatest challenges facing dairy manufacturers, DuPont says.

By controlling a wider range of difficult fungal contaminants, in particular spoilage yeast isolated from fermented dairy products, Holdbac YM Plus is designed to meet the specific needs of dairy manufacturers.

According to DuPont, a unique blend of selected and patented strains of Propionibacterium and Lactobacillus creates a broader inhibition spectrum. This contributes to increased effectiveness in preventing spoilage from yeast and mold growth, and promotes longer-lasting, fresher-tasting fermented dairy products.
The cultures are added to the milk together with the starter culture. They can be deployed across a wide range of fermented dairy products such as yogurt, quark, tvarog, white cheeses and sour cream.