New printers provide coding onto all nonporous, porous substrates

Abbott Co.’s new Linx 5900 range of printers have been designed to provide maximum flexibility and consistently reliable coding onto all nonporous and porous substrates. The 5900 offers low maintenance costs for this type of printer, including extended service intervals, three lines of type and large message storage.  Thermochromic and UV inks are available along with a wide range of colored inks for every application.


New weigh price labeling system

Bizerba’s GLM-I evo high-performance labeling system for the food industry has a flow rate of up to 200 packs per minute. Its modular construction makes it easy to add components such as scanners and extra labeling modules. The fully automated machine has flexibility and a maintenance-friendly design with options for expanding electrical components. It also features a suitable applicator for every type of package (air jet, stamp, rotary, belt and C-wrap application).


New die-cut lidding for dairy

Amcor Flexibles has created a new die-cut lidding system for the dairy industry called Amcor Impact. This new lidding has removed the need for die-cuts to be embossed over the whole surface. The new smooth and shiny surface is designed to stand out on the shelf, according to the company.


Flat-surface label applicator

Primera Technology Inc.’s AP550 flat-surface label applicator is a semi-automatic label applicator that can precisely apply product and identification labels onto a wide range of flat surfaces, such as rectangular or tapered bottles, boxes, packages, bags, pouches, lids and tins. Labels are applied straight, without wrinkles or folds. This gives finished products a highly professional look and increases the number of containers that can be labeled per hour versus manually applying labels.


Label applicator for dairy industry

Dion Label’s CTM 360a Series label applicator is ideal for the dairy industry. The 6-inch touchscreen applicator can be configured for numerous label applications in varying label widths. An optional 20-inch roll OD can be selected for the label applicator with a 3- or 6-inch ID core. The 360a applicator has a self-teaching label sensor for easy-to-use software and on-site revisions. Each machine is highly versatile and offers ideal control to the operator.


Integrated labeling systems for cheese industry

EPI Labelers has integrated its labelers on various packaging machines in the cheese industry, including VFFS and HFFS. For the HFFS labeling application, the M-series labeler is mounted directly to the machine using mounting brackets manufactured specifically for the packaging machine. The Flex-Pac Labeler is mounted to the side of the VFFS and applies the label directly to the film at the forming tube. This system is used in the shredded cheese packaging process for primary, as well as nutritional labels.


High speed inspection/rejection capping solution

Fowler Products has a new high-speed inspection/rejection system for capping applications, which can cap and inspect more than 900 bottles per minute. Its system is designed for food companies seeking verification that every cap is properly applied. Bottles that fail inspection are shunted off to a reject lane before they leave the capping machine. This assures that the bottle identified to be rejected is absolutely the bottle that is rejected. The design also gently diverts a rejected bottle off to a reject lane so that the bottle remains upright and does not spill its contents contaminating the packaging line.


Heat seal film with a unique laser-etched layer

H.S. Crocker’s patented heat seal film has a unique layer which is etched by a proprietary laser. The etching can be used to create dispensing options such as pour spouts, shakers and custom designs. The top of the foil material can be printed with up to nine colors maximizing creative potential. This material can be die-cut and dispenses through traditional cup sealing equipment.


Heatless shrink sleeve products

MRI Flexible Packaging’s C-Fit sleeve product lineup is designed as an alternative to traditional shrink sleeves. The “heatless” shrink sleeve products can conform to unique bottle shapes which have been the domain of traditional heat shrink sleeves. Benefits are said to include: lower cost, no heat tunnel required, lower gram weight, better design for recycling process, no glue, white or clear film, softer film for better feel on squeezable bottles, overall lower energy for application and sustainability features.


System for applying labels to two sides simultaneously

Weber Packaging Solutions introduced the new Model 114, a quick and accurate labeling system capable of applying labels to one or two sides of a product simultaneously. The system is a self-contained unit that features one or two Alpha Compact label applicators mounted on a sturdy, fully-adjustable base. It’s perfect for applying pressure-sensitive labels on straight-wall containers and has a label placement accuracy of ±0.03”. Labels up to 6 inches high and 12 inches long can be applied to a variety of product sizes by using the system’s adjustable guide rails.


Cold foil on shrink sleeve design

Overnight Labels has a cold foil for shrink sleeve design. Foil options include holographic and metallic effects along with a full spectrum of color graphics. The spot matte varnish also adds a dimensional effect with a tactile feel. After the foil is applied, the company can print over it to customize the color of the foil, leaving several options on colors and the final effects. Scuff-resistant shrink sleeves are reverse-printed to offer a resilient 360-degree message. They can be applied to unusually shaped bottles and containers, which would be difficult to silk screen. The sleeve will mask uneven fill lines and provide additional protection against bottle breakage.


Stainless steel shrink labeler

PDC International Corp. re-introduced its R-250 Evolution shrink labeler with a series of new features that give it added versatility for food and beverage environments. The labeler has a robust system and is built for continuous use. New construction features include a welded stainless steel frame and complete stainless steel construction. The labeler’s proprietary blade assembly is engineered as a longer-lived alternative to “spinning knives.” This cutting solution lasts months and is a formidable alternative to the fragile knife configurations used in most conventional systems. 


Euro-style silk labels available in U.S.

The Lauterbach Group has created Euro-style cheese silk labels for the U.S. market. With every slice, the silk paper label sticks to the original wheel without peeling or tearing, allowing for longer exposure of the brand.


Horizontal side seal wrapper

Texwrap’s new model T2011SSR continuous motion side seal wrapper is an updated version of the 2203 that keeps most of the same features and functionality, but includes new guarding with sliding safety-interlocked doors. It also features the exclusive TGM2 side seal and an internal scrap winder. The cross seal retains the patented hybrid pneumatic/cam design and the vertical end seal is now servo-controlled, which allows for extremely fast motion while also gently ramping into both the closed and open position at the last moment to eliminate any “bounce” during the sealing process.