By Presto Products Co.

Presto Products Double Zipper GreenTo help brand owners deliver packaging that enhances child safety, provides the assurance of a secure seal, preserves freshness and improves sustainability, Presto Products Co. will introduce two innovative closure technologies at Pack Expo International 2014 (Nov. 2-5; McCormick Place, Chicago, Ill.), Booth # S-2837. Designed to meet the standards required for listing on the ASTM D3475 index, the company’s new child-resistant technology will represent a revolutionary new approach in the category. Presto’s new sensory zipper is designed to deliver pronounced audible and tactile cues when consumers close packaging. The new technologies are ideal for a range of applications including food, pet food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical, lawn and garden, and household products.

“Closures are the most important touch point that consumers have with resealable packaging, making them a major factor in creating a positive brand experience,” said Brad Hansen, Fresh-Lock and Slide-Rite business unit director, Presto Products Co. “The development of our child-resistant and sensory technologies was driven by two major consumer insights: improved safety for products that should not be consumed by children or taken without adult supervision; and assurance in a secure seal to reduce exposure to oxygen, minimizing food waste.”

During each day of the show, Presto will feature live application demonstrations at its booth. The company’s Slide-Rite sliders will be featured on Sunday, November 2 and Monday, November 3, while its new sensory zipper technology will be run on the other two days of the show at speeds of 170 pouches per minute. Both technologies will be applied to pouches made from Sonoco films using Totani’s CT-60 pouch making machine.

In addition to the new child-resistant and sensory innovations, Presto will highlight the following services and technologies at its booth:

  • To help companies minimize environmental impact and enhance the sustainability of their supply chains, Presto offers the Fresh-Lock Zipper Spool Recycle and Reuse programs. Since 2009, Presto has supported the reuse of 3,000,000 pounds of High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), diverting this material from landfills and reusing the spools in new shipments of Fresh-Lock Zippers.
  • The full family of Slide-Rite sliders, including Ergo Slider and Particle Plow Slider, as well as Fresh-Lock press-to-close zipper technologies such as Soft Seal Zippers and DZ Double Zippers.

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SOURCE: Presto Products Company