By Biocatalysts

Biocatalysts Ltd. have announced that they will be exhibiting at the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo, 13th through 16th July 13, Chicago, Ill. Over 20,000 of the world’s top food science and technology professionals will visit the show where they will find Biocatalysts exhibiting the latest advances in enzyme technology at booth 1689.

The first new product Biocatalysts will display is Pectinase 872L, which is a fruit firming enzyme. Many food processors or manufacturers experience the problem of soft fruit and vegetables breaking down or becoming damaged during processing; Pectinase 872L helps to alleviate this problem. The enzyme works by catalysing the hydrolysis of methyl ester bonds in pectin, releasing free carboxyl groups. These free carboxyl groups are then cross-linked with divalent ions such as calcium to form a network of pectin, which is more likely to stay in fruit tissue during transformation processes. This will ensure that the strawberries maintain their structure and form within the yoghurt, both increasing the quality of the product and saving money due to less waste

The second new product Biocatalysts will have on display is Promod 950L which is a microbial protease preparation with broad substrate specificity. It is efficient at hydrolysing vegetable, animal and fish proteins to increase solubility, reduce viscosity and produce specific flavours. It is particularly suitable for hydrolysis of baker's and brewer's yeast to increase solubility and yields during the manufacture of yeast extracts. Promod 950L, which is both Kosher and Halal, is also a suitable alternative to papain and the microbial origin of the product removes the variability of quality and supply associated with plant derived material.

Along with these two new enzymes, Biocatalysts technical staff will be on hand to discuss their full capabilities. This ranges from their successful Flavorpro C, K and L which are microbial equivalents to calf, kid and lamb pregastric esterase respectively to Novel Enzyme Development. For further information or to arrange a meeting at IFT please contact Biocatalysts on or alternatively view the website

SOURCE: Biocatalysts