Palsgaard’s ChoMilk 173 is a multipurpose mixture of emulsifiers and stabilizers designed to enhance the sensory properties and stability of a variety of chocolate milk and other dairy drinks. It stabilizes and suspends particles in standard chocolate milk products; related dairy drinks with low protein content; coffee milk drinks and low-calorie dairy drinks. It is equally suitable for pasteurized and ultra-high-temperature-treated products. The mixture prevents sedimentation of cocoa particles, prevents the separation of fat and whey, and gives the milk product a richer and creamier mouthfeel.



Arla Foods Ingredients offers acid whey solutions that allow manufacturers to use the waste product to make new products with natural flavor and creamy texture with 100% yield and no waste. The solutions give manufacturers the opportunity to make products such as fermented beverages, whey drinks, desserts and spreadable cheeses.

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At the IFT Show in June Microdyn Technologies Inc. showcased its Spira-Cel spiral wound membrane elements. The spiral wound membranes are known for their high-flux, high-protein retention and long lifetimes. They’re available in standard and custom sizes that are USDA-accepted and meet FDA requirements. The company also offers a wide range of membrane configurations including flat sheet, hollow fiber, tubular, spiral wound and MBR modules.



Novozymes’ lactase enzyme, Lactozym Pure, effectively breaks down lactose into a mixture consisting primarily of glucose and galactose, which can be safely digested by virtually everyone, according to the company. Lactozym Pure is a pure and natural tool that the dairy industry can use to create lactose-free products to meet the needs of this growing consumer base.

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DDW developed an innovative liquid spirulina blue with improved light stability by up to 40%. It provides a new range of blue and green hues to replace FD&C Blue #1 and other certified coloring blends in ice cream for flavors including blue moon, blue raspberry, pistachio and mint. DDW’s spirulina alone, or combined with other naturally derived colorings, also expands the available hue options for flavored dairy beverages, cottage cheese and yogurt, such as blueberry, Key lime and mixed berry.



Terlet USA launched the new USDA Dairy certified Terlotherm Delta scraped surface heat exchanger range. The Terlotherm is designed for preheat pasteurizing spray tower applications. The dual cylinder design combines maximum heat transfer for heating and cooling with a small footprint and low maintenance costs. New Delta style pilot units are available for testing.



Penford Food Ingredients launched PenNovo FR at the IFT Show. The non-GMO, potato-based starch system can replace up to 50% of solid fat in certain applications. It can be used in dairy-based desserts and spreads. The system can be used for caloric and fat reduction, and is cholesterol-free and gluten-free.



Micronized tricalcium citrate from Jungbunzlauer allows manufacturers to fortify products to more than 50% RDA of calcium per serving. According to the company, trials show that the combination of technological properties and high nutritional value (bioavailability) makes micronized tricalcium citrate, trimagnesium citrate and zinc citrate great options for fortified milk and yogurt, as well as drinkable yogurt, without compromising taste or product stability.



At the IFT Show in June, Ingredia highlighted its highly functional proteins for cultured dairy applications. Promilk range solutions, like Promilk 600A can create a smooth high-protein drinking yogurt; and Promilk SH20 is designed for the manufacturing of quark-based dairy snacks without whey separation, a new type of cultured dairy.