Advanced Instruments LactoscopeThe Lactoscope FTIR Advanced from Advanced Instruments provides accurate analysis of fat, protein, carbohydrates, solids, solids non-Fat, pH, free fatty acids, citric acids, NPN/calculated urea, casein, density, freezing point depression, NPN and true protein.

The LactoScope’s easy operation and quick set-up gives the quality manager a perfect tool for milk and cream standardization, and the analysis of more complex dairy products such as yoghurts, cheese milk and ice cream.

Features and benefits:

  • Full FTIR capability
  • Full calibration transferability
  • Unlimited product file capability
  • Heavy cream analysis up to 55% fat
  • Low cost of ownership

Advanced Instruments recently featured the the Lactoscope at this year’s IFT show in June.

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SOURCE: Advanced Instruments