Pennsylvania’s Agriculture Secretary George Greig announced today a milk distribution pilot program that will make milk available at food banks in 27 counties in the state. The program will help 55,000 people served by the food bank. 

The Keystone State initiative follows the news earlier in June (designated National Dairy Month) of a nutrition campaign from cereal maker Kellogg's to educate families about the importance of protein and grains, which are available in a serving of cereal and one cup of skim milk. Dr. Travis Stork, a board-certified emergency medicine physician and New York Times best-selling author, is serving as spokesman.

"Pennsylvania now has a way to serve milk to our citizens who otherwise wouldn't have access to nature's perfect beverage," said Greig. "This opens a new market for our state's high-quality milk and is the first step to ensuring all Pennsylvanians have access to it. I thank our partners for their work to help Pennsylvanians in need."

The Pennsylvania Association of Milk Dealers, Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association and the Center for Dairy Excellence are also involved in the pilot program.

Through the public-private partnership, milk will be shipped to Harrisburg Dairies by Pennsylvania dairy farmers to be processed for the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. The department will work to ensure that milk is provided at a discounted price to the food bank to better serve Pennsylvanians who use the food bank's services.

"Milk is one of the most highly-desired and needed food items for our hungry Pennsylvania neighbors", said Executive Director Joe Arthur. "But milk historically has presented great challenges to food banks and our community partners.”

For more on donating milk to food banks, read “MilkPEP, dairy farmers spur milk donations to food banks.”

Kellogg's and Travis Stork campaign for protein and whole grains at breakfast

The Kellogg’s campaign emphasizes the importance of grains and protein. The company’s cereal brands include All Bran, Frosted Mini-Wheats Raisin Bran and Special K Original.

Stork recommends protein at every meal because it satisfies hunger and helps to maintain a healthy weight. He is the host of the talk show “The Doctors” and the author of “The Doctor's Diet,” “The Lean Belly Prescription” and “The Doctor Is In: A 7-Step Prescription for Optimal Wellness.”