Tarte Asian Yogurt MangoA new alternative to Greek yogurt is now available from Tarte Foods LLC, Santa Monica, Calif. — Tarté Asian Yogurt. The Vietnamese-style yogurt has a lighter texture and less sweet taste compared to most flavored yogurts, yet it still has a high protein content. The yogurt comes in five flavors: Strawberry & Guanabana, Mango & Coconut, the original, Green Tea & Honey and Acai & Blueberry.

Tarte Asian Yogurt Green TeaThe new style of yogurt has approximately 13 to 14 grams of protein per serving and 25% less sugar compared to Greek yogurt. It’s 100% natural, no artificial ingredients, and because it is not strained, it has twice the calcium as well as other electrolytes like potassium and phosphorus, according to the company. It's sold for a suggested retail price of $1.79 per 6-ounce cup.

The yogurt is made from milk that is certified rBST and rBGH free from local a California dairy. The yogurts can be found in stores on the West Coast.

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