DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products Co. said it has partnered with Symrise for the use of Zemea USP propanediol as a carrier for compounded flavors.  Zemea USP propanediol is a natural, 100 percent biobased solvent and humectant made from fermentation of glucose and an environmentally sustainable alternative to petroleum-based glycols and glycerin.

Synergy Flavors Inc. opened its new corporate headquarters in Wauconda, Ill., in October. Synergy used an existing building as the cornerstone of its new 15-acre campus. This building was modified and expanded into a 145,000 sq. foot, state-of-the-art flavor development and manufacturing center. 

TIC Gums opened the Brass Mill Operations Center in Belcamp, Md., in October. TIC Gums has three facilities in Maryland. The Brass Mill center is an approximately 200,000 square foot facility on 20 acres. 

 Virginia Dare, Brooklyn, N.Y., and its partner Soarary of Madagascar, have announced a new dual strategy to improve the sustainability of Madagascar’s vanilla market. Virginia Dare/Soarary have donated materials and provided training for proper curing to a group of roughly 150 growers. To improve food security for Madagascar’s vanilla growing community, the partnership guarantees participating farmers access to affordable rice during the annual shortage period.