Oakhurst Buttered Rum NogOakhurst Dairy, Portland, Maine, has added a new Buttered Rum Egg Nog to its line, and is now available in stores across New England. The new egg nog features a butterscotch flavor combined with cinnamon.

The new egg nog flavor joins the company’s existing line up of seasonal beverages, which includes the Chocolate Nog, regular Egg Nog and Light Egg Nog. All Oakhurst seasonal beverages are free of high-fructose corn syrup. The Buttered Rum Egg Nog will only be available in pints and quarts during the holiday season. The suggested retail price for the pint is $1.49 and the quart is $2.69.

For those who want to get a taste of the new Buttered Rum Egg Nog, Oakhurst plans to sample its new product at several Maine and New Hampshire community holiday events including parades, festivals and tree lightings. For sampling event details, check the Oakhurst Facebook page as the holiday season gets underway.

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