Hiland Dairy Greek Yogurt Black CherrySpringfield, Mo.-based Hiland Dairy added a new line of nonfat Greek yogurt to its product lineup this month. The company emphasized the high-protein content and flavor selection.

The Greek yogurt is available in seven flavors: vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, black cherry, peach and pineapple, and is sold in 6-ounce containers. Each yogurt contains from 130 to 150 calories and 14 to 15 grams of protein depending on the flavor.

Hiland Dairy Greek Yogurt Peach"Protein plays a very important role in the human body," said Gary Aggus, president/general manager of Hiland Dairy. "Protein provides fuel for your body and helps you feel fuller longer which can lead to healthy eating habits."

The new yogurt is available this month in grocery stores. It's sold for a suggested retail price of $1.19.

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