By Palsgaard

Palsgaard IceTriple 104Palsgaard IceTriple 104, the latest version of the Palsgaard A/S IceTriple concept, is a fully integrated mixture of special emulsifiers and stabilizers developed for use in all types of ice creams. It’s particularly suited for reduced-fat ice cream. It adds an extremely smooth and creamy sensation and allows for significant fat reductions without compromising on the sensory characteristics, melting profiles or heat shock stability.

In addition, melting resistance against repeated temperature fluctuations is ensured by its emulsifiers, a special combination of propylene glycol esters of fatty acids (PGMS) and mono- and diglycerides, with support from its stabilizers – and at a greatly reduced cost due to the total elimination of guar gum content from the stabilizers. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Palsgaard