SENSIENT COLORS LLC logoST. LOUIS, MISSOURI—April 12, 2013—Sensient Colors LLC, a business unit of Sensient Technologies Corporation (NYSE:SXT) has expanded its research and development efforts on a global scale, and developed an Advanced Emulsion Technology for natural colors. This emulsion technology combines multiple oil and water based natural colors to provide a complex color matrix in a single delivery system, thus achieving new natural color shades that were previously unattainable.
Our new complex water based emulsions allow for multiple oil and water based natural colors to co-exist in a single color system. For instance, different vegetable juices and beta-carotene can be combined to make a bright stable red shade, similar to carmine. This new technology can lessen package staining, reduce color bleed and allow for lower usage levels. It can also minimize off-taste flavors that are sometimes associated with natural colors. These water based emulsions can easily be incorporated into any application where water is available including beverage, dairy, confection, baking, and processed food applications.
Since natural colors are often water based, Sensient’s global research and development teams used innovative emulsion technology to develop new oil based natural colors, fulfilling a market need for more shades that can be incorporated into fat based systems. This includes shades such as cherry red, strawberry pink and chocolate brown. Oil based natural colors can be incorporated where oil is available, including icings, compound coating, baked and processed foods. Being a single color delivery system, Advanced Emulsion Technology with both oil and water based emulsions can shorten measuring and mixing time, improving consistency and efficiency. “This novel emulsion technology enables complex color matrices to be combined, allowing for additional natural color shades that once were unattainable, with enhanced stability and performance compared to traditional emulsion technology,” says Mike Geraghty, President, Color Group, Sensient Technologies Corporation.
Sensient Colors brings life to products, adding color and visual enjoyment to food and beverage applications worldwide. Offering unparalleled color innovation and proprietary technologies for over 100 years, Sensient Food Colors applies industry defining color expertise, enhancing brand value through premium sensory appeal and performance.
Sensient Colors LLC is a unit of Sensient Technologies Corporation, a leading global manufacturer and marketer of colors, flavors and fragrances. Sensient employs advanced technologies at facilities around the world to develop specialty food and beverage systems, cosmetic and pharmaceutical systems, inkjet and specialty inks and colors, and other specialty and fine chemicals. The company’s customers include major international manufacturers representing many of the world’s best-known brands.