Helios organic kefir from Lifeway Foods Inc., Morton Grove, Ill., is going Greek with its new formulation, featuring extra protein power and added honey.

Helios Greek kefirThe reformulated line includes a protein jump from 12 grams to 16 grams per one cup serving. Plus, all flavors in the line (except for original and vanilla) have been infused with honey.

The flavors now consist of — coconut & honey, raspberry & honey, strawberry & honey, pomegranate-blueberry & honey — and the new flavor, pear & honey. It's sold in 32-ounce bottles for a suggested retail price of $4.22.

The smoothies have the same probiotic, nonfat and organic benefits as the first-generation of Helios kefir beverages.

“Helios Greek kefir will appeal to consumers looking for a nonfat kefir with extra protein and a sweeter, richer flavor profile, said Julie Smolyansky, president and CEO of Lifeway Foods.

Helios Greek kefir was displayed at Lifeway's booth at the Natural Products Expo West trade show earlier this Month. The new kefir is expected to hit retail shelves in May.

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