Dairy Foods has become the exclusive dairy publication media partner for the annual Food Safety Summit, and the magazine is again presenting the Practical Membrane Technology Short Course.

The Food Safety Summit is the leading forum on food safety and food security. It will be held in Baltimore from April 20 to May 2. The summit is produced by BNP Media, parent company of Dairy Foods. Details and registration information are available at foodsafetysummit.com.

“This is a great opportunity for Dairy Foodsto extend and further demonstrate our commitment to food safety, something that’s always top-of-mind for dairy processors,” said Publisher Tom Imbordino.  “We are planning an aggressive print, online, and social media campaign designed to elevate the awareness of this premiere event and help drive participation.”

The 25th annual Practical Membrane Technology Short Course will mark the eighth consecutive year that Dairy Foodsand Filtration & Membrane World LLC have partnered to produce this one of a kind event.  The course is scheduled for June 5 to 7 in Bloomington, Minn. For more information, see www.membranecourse.com.

The short course focuses on the basics of membrane technology and process design as well as new membrane technologies, materials and applications.  Guided facility tours will be held on the third day to give attendees a close-up view of new and existing membrane products and processes.

The Practical Membrane Technology Short Course is a resource for professionals in dairy, beverage, food processing, functional ingredients and bioactives industries looking for new methods to eliminate process bottleneck, enhance efficiency and offer new products to increase their profitability.  Industry experts share their knowledge and expertise in an interactive forum allowing participants to get the most out of their experience. 

Following is the course curriculum:

Day 1. Basics of Membrane Technology and Process Design. This program will cover membrane chemistry, processing, system process optimization, mechanism of membrane fouling and cleaning. Presenters will explore practical problems in membrane technology including process design, optimization and applications.

Day 2. New Technologies, Materials and Applications of Membrane Technology.During the last decade there has been drastic increase in applications of membrane technology creating new products and opportunities to increase efficiency and profitability of the processors.  Industry experts will lead discussions on new technologies, materials and applications in membrane based separations including improved membrane designs, chemistry and processing techniques.

Day 3. Facility Tours. Take guided facility tours of membrane companies and system manufacturers and be face-to-face with new and existing industry products, processes, technologies and applications.