By GoldPeg

GoldPeg processed cheeseA new formulation technology enables processed cheese manufacturers to measure, rather than predict the functional protein content of their natural cheese ingredients. This ability leads to improving quality control, increasing yields and reducing costs.

It is well known that that the ‘maturity’ (or more specifically the ‘intact casein’ content) of the natural cheese ingredients, contributes significantly to functionality of the processed cheese product.

Caseus Pro is the technology that enables you to measure intact casein. It is a major step change in processed cheese manufacture and delivers substantial commercial benefits.

Caseus Pro is different to other formulation software, as it has a unique intact casein calibration incorporated into its formulation software that allows processed cheese makers to rapidly and accurately measure the functional protein (intact casein) content of their natural cheese ingredients, using a Foss FoodScan.

Intact casein is a key parameter of natural cheese, like protein and moisture that influences the quality and functionality of your finished product. You can now control intact casein with Caseus Pro.

GoldPeg cp processWith Caseus Pro formulators are able to optimise and control the intact casein level in their finished product using measured intact casein values. By knowing and controlling the functionality of your natural cheese ingredients you can produce consistent finished product everyday - irrespective of the typical variability in natural cheese composition and functionality.

The result is significant tangible benefits for your production:
Improved quality control
Increased productivity

  • reducing rework
  • optimise manufacturing conditions for a consistent formulation

Increased yields (confidently minimise total protein)

  • greater control of intact casein and product functionality

The Caseus Pro Advantage
Caseus Pro provides an additional level of formulation control. Improved formulation control means high quality product every day, and the opportunity to optimise your formulations and significantly reduce costs.

Learn how you can get more from your processed cheese ingredients and maintain the finished product quality - consistently all year round. Contact Gold Peg for the free white paper: The influence of Intact Casein in Processed Cheese.”

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