By Roquette

Roquette which is the owner of U.S. Patent No. 6,344,591 has obtained on June 12, 2012 a certificate of Reexamination from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This certificate confirms the validity of claims from Roquette’s U.S. Patent-for crystalline maltitol. Roquette’s patented technologies are the result of extensive research and development efforts. The company holds many significant patents on polyols and is determined to protect its intellectual property. This is once again recognized.
“Due to our strong commitment in innovation, Roquette actively defends its intellectual property rights and intends to protect its rights against any possible infringement” says Bruno Quenon, intellectual property director of Roquette.

Previously, in January of 2008, Roquette won the patent protection lawsuit in the United States (by the New Jersey District Court) against Yucheng Lujian Biological Co. Ltd. This lawsuit prevents the company from importing or selling crystalline maltitol in the United States throughout the life of Roquette’s patent. In 2010, another lawsuit not only enforced the Court’s earlier decision, but also extended it to Yucheng Lujian Biological’s affiliates. This latest decision added extra protection to Roquette by directing the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency to deny entry in the United States any dry form of Maltitol from this company or any of its affiliates.

“In our effort to fully satisfy our customer’s needs, Roquette offers its clients a worldwide royalty-free license under this technology for any quantity of SweetPearl Maltitol purchased from Roquette. Roquette is one of the world’s most advanced producers of starch and starch derivatives by transforming renewable resources such as corn, wheat, potatoes and peas into an extensive line of high quality ingredients for a wide range of food and non-food industries throughout the world. Roquette is also a leading expert in polyols, pyrogen-free raw materials and dry sweeteners” comments Alexandre Clement, Polyols product manager of Roquette.
SweetPearl maltitol is the leading product within the diverse portfolio of polyols manufactured and marketed by Roquette. SweetPearl’s high performance in sugar-free chewing gum has won over customers and consumers alike.

“Our successes in chocolates and baked goods point to even more exciting possibilities! SweetPearl has been specifically designed to maximize performance in various applications, most notably chocolate and chewing gums. With the extraordinary amount of dynamic research involved with SweetPearl maltitol, Roquette has protected itself by U.S. Patent 6,344,591 and all corresponding patents” adds Alexandre Clement.

About Roquette
The business of Roquette, a French family group with an international dimension, is the processing of vegetable raw materials: maize, wheat, potatoes, peas and micro-algae. Among the five global leaders in the starch manufacturing industry, it offers its customers a wide range of products and solutions in the fields of human nutrition, pharmacy-cosmetology, paper-board, chemistry-bioindustry and animal nutrition. Present in over 100 countries, Roquette has a turnover of 3 billion Euros. The group employs more than 7,800 employees. Its development is based on a strategy giving preference to the long-term, innovation and the commitment to achieve, focused on health nutrition and plant-based chemistry. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Roquette