• Long dwell technology guarantees consistent seal time independent of machine speed
  • Air-tight end seals prolong product shelf life
  • Direct film transfer gently transports product
CHICAGO - Bosch Packaging Technology introduces its Pack 301 Inverted Long Dwell (ID) flow wrapper for the North American market at PACK EXPO Chicago in October. The Pack 301 ID is the latest addition to Bosch’s Pack series of horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) machines. It,combines two proven technologies -- inverted and long dwell flow wrappers -- in one machine to provide gentle product handling and hermetically sealed seams. 
Bosch flow wrapper

New Pack 301 ID Flow Wrapper from Bosch prolongs shelf life

The inverted long dwell wrapper features a consistent seal time independent of the machine’s product flow, guaranteeing a hermetic seal.
The inverted long dwell wrapper features a consistent seal time independent of the machine’s product flow. It guarantees an air-tight seal even during ramp up and ramp down periods, for extended product shelf life and less waste. The Pack 301 ID is particularly ideal for packaging fresh produce, soft products, pharmaceuticals, multi-packs, meat and dairy, as well as other products that are difficult to handle using a traditional upright flow wrapper or require Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). Long dwell sealing times of up to one-second ensure that packages are hermetically sealed. By allowing independent control of the processing temperature on both the top and bottom sealing jaws, the Pack 301 ID accommodates thicker films, further ensuring seal quality. “Manufacturers are always searching for packaging solutions that offer superior performance while ensuring product safety,” said Craig Collett, product line director, Bosch Packaging Technology. “For products that
Bosch flow wrapper

Bosch’s Pack 301 ID Flow Wrapper gently transports products

The inverted long dwell machine is ideal for the packaging of fresh produce, soft products, pharmaceuticals, multi-packs, meat and dairy, as well as other products that are difficult to handle using a traditional upright flow wrapper or require Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).
are difficult to handle, the Pack 301 ID solves both challenges, and its independent, consistent seal time guarantees a hermetic seal, giving manufacturers a production advantage.” The machine’s inverted flow-wrapping technology gently transports the product directly onto the film from the former through the cutting head, greatly reducing jams and ensuring a superior package appearance. The Pack 301 ID features a modular film backstand that can be located in various positions relative to the infeed and wrapper, allowing manufacturers to optimize the film path and reduce film waste. Additionally, the Pack 301 ID has the flexibility to adapt to specific applications, such as products that are loose in the infeed flight and require a stronger seal level. It can also be used with both automated and manual systems to meet manufacturers’ diverse needs. The machine can integrate with a variety of infeeds such as flighted, lug-less, trough style and belt feeders, and is adjustable to floor plan constraints. With its design based on Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), the Pack 301 ID assures simplified maintenance and maximum uptime. The machine has been reduced to comprise a minimum number of parts, making it highly operator-friendly. Additionally, the Pack 301 ID features an open access design for quick cleaning and reduced downtime. Operators can change and clean knives without tools, and simply exchange the transport belt at the cutting head for quick cleaning. Easy jaw alignment further simplifies format changes and crimper cleaning. Hinged guide rails allow easy access for loading the product and clearing any jams.