The following report is from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Dairy Market News for the week of Aug. 20 to 24.

Total conventional dairy retail ad numbers continue slight fluctuations period to period, decreasing by 6.6% this week, following a 4.4% increase the previous reporting period. Among the five most advertised conventional dairy products, cheese ads are down 3.2%, yogurt ads are down 14.9%, ice cream ads are down by 10.6%, milk ad numbers increased by 22.9% and ads for cream cheese increased by 47.4%.

The most advertised cheese category, 8 ounce shredded, has a weighted average advertised price of $2.19, a 6.8% price decrease from last cycle. The average price for 8 ounce blocks, $2.20, is a 5.2% price decrease from the last cycle.

The weighted average advertised price of 4-6 ounce yogurt is $.50 and $1.01 for 4-6 ounce Greek yogurt, a 2.0% price increase for each. The weighted average advertised price for 48-64 ounce ice cream containers is $3.08, a slight price decline of 1.3%.

Ice cream in 48-64 ounce containers remains the single most advertised item this survey period. However, if all package sizes of cheese or yogurt are totaled, cheese and yogurt each have more ads than 48-64 ounce ice cream.

Within the cheese category, ad numbers increased only for 2 pound blocks, but declined for 8 ounce shredded, 8 ounce blocks, 1 pound blocks and 1 pound shredded. Within the yogurt category, only ad numbers for 4-6 ounce Greek yogurt decreased, while ad numbers increased for 32 ounce yogurt, 32 ounce Greek yogurt, and 4-6 ounce yogurt.

Conventional milk’s national weighted average advertised price for half gallons this period, $2.26, is 2 cents below two weeks ago. Organic milk’s national weighted average advertised price for half gallons, $3.91, is up 64 cents from last period. This results in an organic -conventional half-gallon milk advertised price spread of $1.65, up from $0.99 two weeks ago.

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