Dairy processors of milk, juice, iced tea and other beverages should take note of a new label technology being used on liquor bottles. Temperature-sensitive ink and a printing process have creative interactive animated graphics on bottles of Bacardi rum. Think of what that could do for a bottle of eggnog or orange juice.

Spear Inc., Mason, Ohio, has collaborated with Bacardi USA, Coral Gables, Fla., to develop an interactive label that is paired with its introduction of two new rum flavors — Bacardi Wolf Berry and Bacardi Black Razz.

Spear’s Toy BOX innovations introduced thermochromic inks on the new Bacardi rum labels that reveal wolf-claw marks on the Wolf Berry flavor and flames on Black Razz that react to temperature change. The label graphics contain bold images and the interactive-revealing colors are a way to let consumers know the rum is chilled and ready to be served.

Bacardi Wolf Berry            Bacardi Wolf Berry Chill
Bottle before chilling / Bottle after chilling

Utilizing various colors of rotary screen, hot stamp and flexographic printing, Spear was able to produce the multiple colors of the Wolf Berry and Black Razz labels. This combination of printing processes, first-rate inks and label materials allows Spear to achieve the animated-graphics Bacardi was aiming for.

These products will be offered in the United States, Canadian and Mexican markets and could launch in Europe in the near future. Bacardi will use its Jacksonville, Tenn., plant to fill bottles for the U.S. and Canadian demand, while utilizing a Mexico-based plant for Mexican distributors.