Exhibitor: Penford

Product: PenTech 8500 - casin replacer

A high-performance low-cost alternative to casein

Penford highlighted their casein replacer — PenTech 8500 — at last month’s IFT show.

The PenTech 8500 is a casein replacer that reduces casein use levels to a minimum of 10% in cheese products.


  • Pizza cheese
  • Shredded cheese
  • Sliced cheese
  • Block cheese

Economic benefits:

  • Reduces use of high-priced rennet casein
  • Predictable expense compared to fluctuating price of casein

Functional Benefits:

  • Superior melt and stretch for low casein cheese
  • Excellent shred and matt
  • No flavor interference
  • Enhanced water/oil stability
  • Maintains great performance at 10% casein usage